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The setup section in the CMS helps you to build a strong foundation for your digital profile. You can set up all the business related details here and use them to attract new clients and grow your business. In the setup tab, you can input the below details and start providing services to new and existing clients.

Use the setup tab to configure below details:

  • Create Personal, Professional and Business Profile for your fitness business.
  • Create screening/PARq forms for your clients including vitals, profile and test reports.
  • Define base and tax on tax for your business operations based on your country’s norms.
  • Select and create a payouts system to receive your payments for the services provided on the platform.
  • Add and manage a team including both coaches and support team members.
  • Add and manage multiple business locations easily.

Checkout individual feature tabs to get more details about the above options available on the platform.

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