The Financial Administration Tools Your Fitness Business Deserves

MevoLife’s all-in-one fitness coaching software makes financial administration a breeze with invoicing, membership billing, payment collection, analytics & more all within the CRM.

With financial admin on autopilot, you can focus on delighting your clients and growing your business.

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Business Planner

When your marketing, team, schedule, and clients are in the same system, financial administration just happens as each session is offered, purchased, and attended.

Managing cash flow is simple when the system automatically collects and gives you trend analysis in real time.

Put Scheduling on Autopilot

Define general availability and specific bookable sessions and clients can purchase them a la carte or by using membership credits. Just show up and coach and let the system handle reminders, collections, & review collections.

Integrate Your Team

With your newfound time to grow, you’ll want to add coaches and back-office admins to support all your new clients. Define user roles so each team member can safely accomplish their tasks, and your whole business runs itself.

Leverage Alerts & Reminders

Keep your team and clients on track with calendar reminders and other types of alerts so that classes get attended, reviews get earned, and your amazing fitness grows automatically.

How to Avoid 5 Common Mistakes of Growing Fitness Businesses

Billing Manager

MevoLife allows you to collect payment in the formats your fitness business requires. Create purchasable memberships and allow clients to spend credits on classes. Create single-class checkout experiences on your integrated website. Send e-invoices for specialized services. You get full visibility into payment status across all types and direct deposit to your bank
account when cleared.

Clear Your Desk and Email

With e-invoicing, your clients can pay directly from their inbox via their preferred method. You know immediately when payment is made and the deposit to your bank account happens automatically.

Brand the Experience

Create a payment experience that’s as amazing as your coaching. Beautiful, easy-to-populate invoice templates are ready for you to add a logo and send.

Automate Collections Reminders

When you e-invoice, your fitness CRM knows whether or not payment has been made and sends friendly reminders automatically. No need to pick up the phone or have an awkward conversation in order to get paid.

Payments Manager

Focus on recurring revenue with integrated payments. Publish bookable sessions and collect payment at the time of reservation. Create a membership and let MevoLife collect the monthly due. Sell bundles to clients and let them spend their purchased credits on available classes.

Flexible Payment Links

Share a MevoLife CRM payment link via email, text, social media, & more, and watch as your client’s purchase history is updated automatically.

Flexible Payment Methods

Every client is different. Offer flexible payment methods to keep all clients happy: credit cards, debit cards, ACH, digital wallets, wire transfers, & more. Payable via any of your payment links.

Reduce Payment Delays & Accounts Receivable

Let’s face it. Doing collections and being “collected on” are no fun for anyone. Simplify the whole process with ultimate flexibility and automated reminders.


With MevoLife's all-in-one fitness management software, you're just a few clicks away from taking your fitness business online. Don't let technical hurdles hold you back.


Automate Processes & Analytics

No one gets into the fitness coaching business when they really want to be an accountant. Stop wasting your personal time and that of your team and clients on manual tasks that software can accomplish faster and more reliably.

Stop Playing Catch Up

You’ll have more fun and grow your business faster when your time is spent on strategy and satisfying clients instead of shuffling paper and building spreadsheets.

Reduce Administrative Costs

Stop wasting time you could sell to clients. Stop paying assistants to do things software can do better.

Get Strategic

With automated analytics, you can see what’s working and what isn’t within your business and focus on where you’ll get the most impact.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I use billing manager for free?

Yes, basic billing manager and payment manager tool is available for FREE for all coaches.

Are the reminders integrated in the billing and payment manager?

Yes, automated reminders are integrated in both the tools to ensure timely payment is received from all the clients.

Is part payment allowed on the platform?

Yes, MevoLife platform supports both partial and full payments from your clients.

Can I add multiple accounts to receive payments?

For now only one account can be connected to receive all your payments from the platform.

Can I create different invoices for different businesses through one account?

Yes, you can create multiple types of invoices using the platform.

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