Everything Your Nutritionist or Dietitian Business Needs to Succeed

With MevoLife, your app nightmare is over. Wasted admin time for you and your clients is gone, so you can focus on your goals.

The all-in-one coaching platform includes live & ongoing coaching, marketing, sales, financial admin, team management & more, so you can keep your clients on track and finally have time to grow your business.

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With a huge library of food items with nutritional values and recipes, plus the ability to upload and save your own, you can create diet plans faster than ever before.

Clone and modify as needed and get real-time compliance data as your client tracks their activity in the client app (iOS & Android).

With meetings, calendar invites, chat, and email integrated, you can say goodbye to your app nightmare and focus on building great relationships.

Reach a Global Audience of Clients Seeking Fitness Solutions

Unlike standalone nutrition management software, online nutrition coaching and planning tools are part of the broader fitness ecosystem that includes gyms, personal trainers, wellness coaches, & more.

With a public profile, get seen by both clients and potential referral partners.

And then take your business to the next level with:

…and more.

If you want take your branding even further, you can use MevoLife white label fitness app builder and release your own nutrition coaching app on both iOS and Android.

Eliminate Wasted Admin Time with a Robust CRM Designed for Online Nutritionists

When you coach via video call and out nutrition plan builder, life gets so much easier.

Clients know exactly what you’re asking them to do, have the tools to reach you if they have questions, and you both can track their compliance and progress in real-time.

Scheduling and payments happen automatically, and you’ll both love not having to jump back and forth between apps.

Ready to Elevate Your Nutrition Business?

With MevoLife’s all-in-one nutrition management software, you’re just a few clicks away from taking your diet and nutrition coaching business online.

Don’t let technical hurdles hold you back.

Prepopulated Nutrition Values

With a huge food and menu library, putting together the right plan to get your clients where they need to be has never been easier.

Massive Recipe Bank

Pull from a culturally diverse and allergy conscious set of recipes, or create your own. Quickly assign healthy and nutritious options to daily plans and then build months at a time.

Automated Compliance Tracking

When your client cooks, eats, and tracks progress from the same nutrition app, getting accurate compliance data and adjusting as needed is simple.

Everything a Diet or Nutrition Business Needs in One Software Platform

With an All-In-One System Built Specifically for Nutritionists & Dietitians, Growing the Business You Deserve Has Never Been Easier:

  • Integrated nutrition coaching CRM
  • Marketing tools
  • Global client base
  • Automated administration
  • Integrated scheduling and payments

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the main features of MevoLife for dietitians and nutritionists?

MevoLife offers an extensive meal planner, diet planner, and habit planner that connect with a single app that your clients download on either iOS or Android. You can then coach via assignments and live sessions with real-time compliance data and the ability to chat, email, and adjust as needed. All the billing and marketing tools are included as well in the integrated nutrition CRM.

Can my clients use the MevoLife app for free?

Yes, the MevoLife client app is free for your clients. They only pay for what they purchase from you: individual sessions, memberships/subscriptions, digital content, etc.

Where can my clients get the app?​​​​​​​​

MevoLife is available on both iOS and Android for clients. 

Can I release my own app?

Yes, if you want to take your business to the next level, you can choose the MevoLife features you want to offer your clients and release your own branded app for an additional fee. MevoLife handles the support and updates for the app stores.

Can I add multiple team members on the platform?

Yes, MevoLife allows you to add fellow coaches and support team members, both with the appropriate permission sets chosen by you.

Can my clients submit photos for progress tracking via the app?

Yes, your clients can share photos and video via the app. You can review them within the coaching CRM.

Can I send personalized messages and reminders to my clients?

Scheduled events have integrated calendar invites and automated reminders. You can also send custom messages to your clients.

Can I offer live streaming sessions (video coaching)?

Yes, you can offer scheduled live 1-on-1 or group sessions on your bookable calendar. You can also use video for impromptu meetings.

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