Calculate & Track Ideal Weight

Use this easy Ideal Weight calculator to calculate your ideal body weight based on your height, age and gender. This calculator helps you to find out your health weight range and keep your health vitals on track

Ideal Weight Calculator

Get more details & in-depth understanding about Ideal Weight & how it works!

What is Ideal Weight?

Ideal weight basically shows a range of healthy weight based on your height, age and gender. The right computation of ideal weight helps you to stay away from health conditions related to being overweight or underweight. Being in the ideal weight range is good as it helps you keep associated health issues of being overweight or underweight at bay.

  • Ideal weight calculator computes ideal body weight ranges based on height, gender and age.
  • Body weight is one of the key indicators of one's health, so it's important to keep a check.
  • Use this calculator to easily determine what your healthiest weight and keep a close tab on it.

Importance of Ideal Weight Levels

In order to remain healthy and keep your health vitals in check it is very important to maintain your weight levels within the healthy range. Not only lying without your ideal weight range helps you maintain physical fitness but it also keeps you away from serious health issues like

  • Diabetes (Type 2)
  • High blood pressure
  • Stroke
  • Heart disease
  • Reproductive problems

So, it's important to know your healthy weight range and set realistic goals to achieve the same.

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