Calculate & Track Basal Metabolic Rate

Use this easy BMR calculator to get the estimate of bare minimum calories you require in a day for your body to function. These are the amount of calories required by your body in order to perform life sustaining activities.

Basic Metabolic Rate Calculator

Get more details & in-depth understanding about BMR & how it works!

What is Basic Metabolic Rate?

Even when a human body is at rest, it is continuously performing life sustaining activities like breathing, food digestion, organ functions, blood circulation, and cell production, and all these activities require calories (kilojoules). BMR helps you to get the estimate of the calories which are required by your body even while at rest.

  • BMR refers to the minimum number of calories required to live.
  • Basic/Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) is calculated using your age, height and weight.
  • BMR is the key to effective weight management.

Understanding BMR Levels

BMR levels are most affected by the age of an individual.
Below is the breakdown of BMR levels as per “DuBois
normal standards for BMR” based on the gender and age:

Age - 20–29

calories per hour

Male 39.5

Female 37.0

Age - 30–39

calories per hour

Male 39.5

Female 36.5

Age - 40–49

calories per hour

Male 38.5

Female 36.5

Age - 50–59

calories per hour

Male 37.5

Female 35.0

Age - 60–69

calories per hour

Male 36.5

Female 34.0

Age - 70–79

calories per hour

Male 35.5

Female 33.0

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