Effectively manage your team and clients with advanced Location Management Software

Centralize all your business locations to get an aerial view of your operations, team, and client management. Map your clients, professionals, and team members based on locations and track individual performances to grow your business multi-folds.

This online location management helps you to stay focused on client management and service delivery by automating daily operation tasks!

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Easy Management for Businesses with Multiple Locations

Keep the control of your business in your hands. Easily manage and get an aerial view of your business running at multiple locations. Assign coaches, and clients and manage the output using a centralized dashboard.

Map coaches and clients based on their preferred locations

Easily expand your business at multiple locations. Map existing/new clients to their preferred location to grow clientele, and revenues to boost business.

Automate operations-related tasks to focus more on business

Don’t engage yourself with operation tasks rather use this software to automate all operations-task and focus your energies on boosting the business and exploring new avenues.

The easiest way to expand the business beyond geographical boundaries

In order to grow your business, it is important to go beyond geographical boundaries. The software allows you to offer your services through physical and digital locations anywhere, anytime.

How to Avoid 5 Common Mistakes of Growing Fitness Businesses

Define the roles of each team member

Reduce ambiguity and clearly define the roles and responsibilities of each team member to have increased accountability. Manage multiple locations based on permissions to have clear visibility of the output.

Cost Effective way to manage multiple locations

Cut out on unnecessary costs to manage your business as you can easily get an aerial view of all your business locations using this software. Not only

Improve Client Satisfaction, Engagement, & Retention

Effective location management with assigned coaches helps in improving client satisfaction, engagement, and retention as they are able to avail services conveniently. Together effective location management plays an active role in boosting business performance.


With MevoLife's all-in-one fitness management software, you're just a few clicks away from taking your fitness business online. Don't let technical hurdles hold you back.



Built to make multi-location management an easy-to-use tool for business growth, Mevolife offers the perfect booking system for fitness businesses with multiple locations - irrespective of geographical boundaries.

  • Manage your entire business from one location
  • Get the whole picture of your business at a glance
  • The easiest way to run and manage a franchise business
  • Smartly manage the business with controlled access & permissions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does location management mean?

Location management is a powerful tool embedded in MevoLife platform which helps you to manage all your business locations through centralized platform. Manage multiple business locations while sitting at one place.

How many locations can I manage?

You can add multiple business locations based on the plan you are subscribing to.

Can I tag my clients based on the locations?

Yes, you can tag both your clients and colleagues/team members based on the locations added on the CRM panel.

Can I view the details of each location?

Yes, using the dashboard you can view the sales, bookings, clients and coaches for each added location.

Will each change reflect on every added location?

You can add different details for each business locations including address, contact details, working hours and more.

Is it only for physical locations?

MevoLife platform allows you to add both physical and online business locations on the platform.

Can I get consolidated view of my entire business?

Yes, you can view consolidated and segmented view of your business using advanced tools like location management and team management.

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