Build Relationships & Keep Clients On Track with Ongoing Coaching

Clients want more than just 1-on-1 time. They want your holistic plan to achieve their fitness goals with check-ins and adjustments as they make progress.

With plan templates, pre-populated exercise and menu items, and automated, two-way communication, give your clients the fitness experience they deserve.

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Integrated Client Management

Use templates to quickly assign and adjust fitness plans for each of your clients. Keep clients on track with automated progress reporting.

Client CRM

Store everything about each client in a friendly database so you’ll always have access to screener submissions, progress reports, purchase, attendance, & more.

Omni-Channel Communication

Between video or in-person sessions, keep your clients motivated and on track via chat, email, new assignments, & more.

Integrated Offerings

Offer new classes, loyalty perks, purchasable content, and more whenever appropriate and get paid automatically.

Macro & Micro Reporting

See who is doing what within your entire client base. Drill down on individuals to see their progress.

Easy Adjustments

Drag and drop or assign custom diet and workout plans whenever you need.

Automate Client Reporting

Show clients how their fitness journey is progressing in the format they prefer: weight trend, activities included, skills learned, etc.

Track Files As Well

Store PDFs, client videos, screener results, certificates earned and more for easy client and coach access.

How to Avoid 5 Common Mistakes of Growing Fitness Businesses

Client Engagement

Stay at the center of the relationship and drive more business with integrated marketing and communications.


Make new offers at milestone completion to naturally deepen the coaching relationship.

Broadcast New Offerings

With integrated newsletters, make sure your whole client base knows what you’re up to and what new services are available.

Build 5-Star Reviews

Know what’s working (and what’s not) with automated review collection so you can keep your offerings fresh and your clients

Program Builder

Use the pre-built workout, diet and habit planner library to create customized plans for your clients. Easily create, assign and track the progress on the assigned plans. Help your clients achieve their goals and at the same time easily run your business on auto-pilot mode.

What, When & How Long

Create a plan that will get your client to their goal on the timeline you jointly determine.

3 Types of Plan Content

Holistic plans succeed most often. Create an exercise, diet and habit program and watch your clients crush their fitness goals.

Integrated Progress Tracking

No need to bug clients for updates. Get real-time results via the clients’ interaction with the app and make adjustments as needed.


With MevoLife's all-in-one fitness management software, you're just a few clicks away from taking your fitness business online. Don't let technical hurdles hold you back.


Member Plans

Create a variety of membership opportunities to appeal to your different client segments mixing video, in-person, ongoing and other types of services.

One-on-One & Group Video Sessions

Fill your calendar with members reserving space in the classes you create.

In-Person Training, Too

Keep it simple for your clients who want both in-person and online coaching with a single app for their entire fitness journey.

Upgrade & Downgrade

With multiple plans available, see what client is getting the right benefit and guide them towards the best fit for their needs and availability.

Fitness Screening Templates

Standardized, built-in assessments allow you to collect the info you and your clients need and track trending over time.

Track the Evolution

Require clients to complete an assessment prior to working with you, and you’ll be able to automatically report their progress back through the app.

Work Towards Goals

With a baseline captured and reliable measurement tools embedded, working towards and celebrating goal attainment is delightful.

Full Customization Capability

You’ve got standard forms at your fingertips. Modify them or complete brand new assessments and track submissions automatically.

Habit Coaching

A healthy lifestyle is the result of new habits. Clients know this. Give them the right coaching and tools to build healthy habits.

Template & Custom Behaviors

Save time building plans with a library of templated habits and the ability to create reuse custom habits.

Track Client Progress Automatically

See how your clients are progressing against your plan in real time and adjust as needed.

Blended Plans

For a holistic fitness experience, assign habits, exercises and meals and achieve truly transformational goals for clients.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What all insights can I see on client CRM?

MevoLife platform understands the need of comprehensive solution and hence our client CRM shows all the progress details of the clients starting from timeline, bookings, sessions, planner, vitals, progress tracking, billing, ratings and reviews. Once you click on individual clients you can view all the details of one client in a consolidated section on your client dashboard.

What types of plans can I build for my clients?

You can build workout, diet and habit plans for your clients. Once the plans are drafted they can be easily assigned to any client though one click and the detailed progress on each is visible on the CMS.

Can I offer free classes to my clients?

Yes, you can create free sessions and bookings for your clients based on your business requirements.

Can I assign multiple plans to one client?

Yes, you can assign multiple plans to one client.

Can I send modifications or alterations in pre-set plans to my clients?

Yes, you can edit and send altered plans to your clients based on changed requirements.

How does ratings and reviews system work on the platform?

Just like any other platform, once the clients take services from the coach they can share their feedback in form of ratings and reviews on the platform. The total ratings of a coach shown on their profile page is based on the ratings given by their clients.

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