The Team Management Tools Your Fitness Business Deserves

All successful fitness businesses cross the bridge from solopreneur to growing enterprise. Make keeping your top professionals booked, paid, and happy simple.

MevoLife’s all-in-one fitness CRM makes it easy to delightfully manage teams virtually and across multiple locations, so growing your fitness business has never been easier.

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Team Manager

Keeping the best coaches happy and busy is how you build a big fitness business. Give them the tools they need to succeed without wasting their time on needless administrative tasks. Distribute clients, be sure locations are covered, make sure classes are attended, and track activity across the entire organization with MevoLife’s all-in-one fitness CRM.

Set Appropriate Permissions

You can’t do it all. Integrate team members with appropriate access and permissions to be sure everyone is on-task and your organization is safe.

Instant Communication Options

No need for an external calendar or video tool. MevoLife integrates scheduled calls and click-to-call so your team can communicate how they prefer.

Amazing Client Experience

The #1 happiness generator for fitness coaches is happy clients attaining goals. Give coaches real-time visibility into client progress and the tools to provide a fantastic fitness experience.

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Comprehensive Tool Kit

Give your coaches all the resources they need: professionally-branded digital and paper marketing tools, exercise templates, nutrition templates, amazing communication tools, automated scheduling and collections tools, & more.

A Branded Experience

Your fitness business and coaches are all part of a growing fitness brand. Be bold, be distinct, and be recognizable on all surfaces that clients touch.

Massive Template Library

No need to create meals, exercise plans, nutrition plans, marketing collateral, or anything else from scratch. Just brand it and give it to your team to make coaching a delightful experience.

Integrated Health Monitoring

Successful fitness coaching requires goal attainment. Integrated health calculators, screeners, and trend tracking make it easy for coaches and clients to stay in sync.


With MevoLife's all-in-one fitness management software, you're just a few clicks away from taking your fitness business online. Don't let technical hurdles hold you back.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many team members can I add on the platform?

The platform allows you to add both colleagues and support team members. The number of people which can be added depends upon the plan for which you have subscribed.

Can I add multiple team permissions?

Yes, you can define multiple roles on the CRM and assign permissions accordingly.

How to connect with team members?

MevoLife integrates scheduled calls and click-to-call so that you can communicate with your team easily.

Can I manage all team members through my admin account?

Yes, you can view all the details of your coaches and support team members through the admin CRM panel.

What is the difference between coach and support team member?

Coach is a colleague who is added as sub-coach on the platform and support team members includes the roles like admin, key accounts manager and more.

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