Online Personal Training Software & App for your Entire Fitness Business.

Online Personal Training Software &
App for your Entire Fitness Business.

There Had to Be a Better Way

Back in 2018, the team behind MevoLife had worked together on a number of health technology projects for a global audience and still felt there was something missing.

They kept seeing over and over that people who achieved their fitness goals in a lasting way were able to do so because they found the right coach, whether in-person or online.

However, too many coaches and clients said they loved their relationships, but as busy as life had become, the experience was challenging, even to the point of abandonment.

Pre-MevoLife Challenges

Clients & coaches wanted to communicate freely about what mattered (fitness challenges and goals) but were losing significant time and sometimes relationships due to:

  • Too many apps/pieces of software
  • No desire to become an IT specialist nor software developer
  • Having to jam admin time into an already-packed schedule in order to receive coaching time
  • Booking challenges
  • Missed appointments
  • Progress tracking challenges
  • Financial admin challenges
  • An inability to achieve the transformational health goals that coaches could deliver and clients deserved…

…If only the right platform existed.

The Challenge Was Accepted

With a wealth of experience solving technology problems, the team committed to solving the global fitness challenge. They would:

  • Talk to coaches, nutritionists, gym owners and their clients
  • Thoroughly document every pain point that better technology could eliminate
  • Look across all the software tools and paper processes that coaches were cobbling together to be sure they knew every workflow required
  • Design & deliver an elegant, intuitive platform that unites coaches and clients globally in a single, all-in-one software solution
  • Transform the fitness industry and make it significantly easier for people everywhere to achieve their fitness goals

The Platform Launched

After four years of intense software development and testing, the MevoLife all-in-one fitness coaching platform went live in December 2022.

Coaches had a robust, fitness-specific CRM from which to train individuals and groups via video, in-person and between sessions via assignable plans and assessment. Marketing, sales, scheduling, billing, team management, and location management were all integrated and automated.

Fitness entrepreneurs got their wasted time back. Clients got a single interface to find their coach’s wisdom, guidance, assignments, motivation, and live conversations and classes.

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