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Sales CRM

MevoLife comes with a full power packed Sales CRM tool which helps you to convert leads into clients in no time. Maintain detailed logs of each new lead and assign actions to convert them into your clients in no time. Follow the below steps to start using Sales CRM tool now:

  • There are 4 tabs in the Sales CRM module: Dashboard, Leads, Deals, and Settings.
  • The Dashboard shows a detailed view of your potential clients, summary of performance, status of leads and deals and segregates Leads on the basis of their source.


  • You can add or import new leads into the leads tab. To add or import click on the + button and fill in the form to create a new business lead.
  • After you click on the + button fill in the form with the details of the new lead including the type of client, Name, Photo, Email ID, Phone No. Source of the Lead and Stage of the Lead. Once you fill in all these details click on the Next button.
  • On Step 2, you have to input the interest details of the leads if you have any as all the fields are optional. Fill in the details about the potential clients interest in packages, sessions, tag them with an agent, value of the plan of their interest, schedule of their visit, attachments and notes. Once you have filled in the available information you can click on the Done button to save the details.
  • If you wish to customize the lead form please click on the EDIT button on Step 2 and choose the fields as per your business requirements to create customized lead form.
  • Once you click on Done you can see the new lead added on the main page. Along with this you can find advanced filters based on created date, stage, agent and source to get filtered data. The platform also allows you to export all your leads data by simply clicking on the export icon next to + icon.
  • You can also edit the columns you want to see on the lads listing page by simply clicking on the Edit column button and selecting the required ones and also setting the priorities of the columns.
  • All the leads in the listing view come with 2 options to either convert them to deal, view the added leads, or edit/delete the leads. You can also view the details of each lead by clicking on the > button.
  • On the detail page you can add and view description of the lead, add checklist, add visit details, add follow up details and also create any specific notes.
  • You can also add a co-agent, or schedule a call or booking with the added lead using the shortcuts available under + ADD.


  • In the deals tab, you can view the default cards available for categorizing the new leads as per their status.
  • You can add the leads directly in this Deals tab or transfer them by converting into deals.
  • Deals tab shows summary of Deals, Value, Hit Rate, Deals Won, Lost and Repeat on top along with an option to search deals, export deals, filter deals based on pipeline, add new deals and change list and grid view of the deals section.


  • Settings is the last tab in the sales CRM section and using this, you can create customized forms for all tabs, add stages, sources, checklists and also change the priority order of fields in the forms.
  • You can use the default forms available or switch and create custom forms as per your requirements to easily customize sales CRM to suffice your business requirements.

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