Everything Your Fitness Business Needs to Succeed

With MevoLife, your app nightmare is over. Wasted admin time for you and your clients is gone, so you can focus on your goals.

The Result: Your existing clients will love you even more, and you’ll finally have time to grow your business.

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Run your business from a single dashboard. Your clients get everything they need from a single app.


Friendly plans and easy configuration means you can keep delighting your clients the way you prefer.


We’ve integrated everything you need from “getting started” to “fitness enterprise.”

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Fitness Trainers &
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Getting Started Is Simple: Set Up a Single Platform to Delight Your Clients and Wipe Out Your Wasted Admin Time in Just a Couple of Hours

Once you sign up for MevoLife, our simple, intuitive interface
walks you through setting up your back office and onboarding clients.


Follow the Easy, In-App Guide to Get Your Business Set Up

You’ll get all the scheduling, communication, billing, tracking, and other tools you need from a single dashboard. For Early Birds, we’ll also migrate your data from your existing software.


Delight Your Existing Clients with Your New, Streamlined Way of Working Together

Your clients will have everything they need from you delivered by either the Android or iOS app.


Put Your Newly-Found Free Time to Good Use

Whether you want to focus on growing your business or have more time for your personal pursuits, the answer is “Yes!”

The Problem

Is Managing 10+ Apps and Forcing Your Clients to Interact
on 5+ Tools the Way to Grow a Business?

We put all the tools to run a successful fitness business into a single platform,
so you can spend your time delighting clients.

Your App Nightmare

You can’t grow your business with an administrative mess that consumes all your time and aggravates your clients.

Clients want to spend time with directly with you, not wading through your app ecosystem every week.

Is a Partial Solution Going to Help?

A different, slightly smaller set of softwares isn’t going to deliver the experience you or your clients deserve.

You have a better chance of losing clients altogether if you ask them to change their habits to a differently annoying set of tools.

All the Tools You Need


Live Coaching

Video, Scheduling, & More

Ongoing Coaching

Task, Plan, Diet & Custom Homework, & More


Website, Email, Community Profile, Shareable Content, & More

Financial Admin

Invoicing, Subscriptions, Payouts, Reporting & More

World-Class Support

24/7 Free Guidance When You Need It

You’re 5 Minutes from Starting Your 90-Day Free Trial and Hours from Having the Simplified Fitness Business You Deserve

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