Booking management is the most important section of the software which helps you in managing your booking slots. You can display your visibility based on working slots and these slots can be simply activated and then your clients can book the same. Booking management helps you in syncing the work slots, break time, and other inputs in the business section to build individual slots.

New Booking

In order to make the platform convenient for both you and your clients, we have a two-way booking session system. Your client can obviously make the booking with you but for convenience, you can also book a schedule on the behalf of your client using the self-booking option. The client will receive the notification for confirmation once the booking is made by you.


Choose the client/clients for whom you want to create a booking.

Session type

Choose the session type you wish to deliver to your clients from single/group options. The session type solely depends upon your requirements.

Select plan

Once the session type is selected, the plan for the corresponding session which is defined in the setup section needs to be selected.

Create bookings

Create booking tab allows you to select the date and time for the session which you intend to book for your client.


The payment management can be done in two ways, i.e. on booking and manual. If you choose on booking option the payment link is sent to the client after the booking is created and only when payment is done the booking is confirmed. In the case of manual bookings, the payment is not managed by the software but is manually managed by you with the client outside the software.


The calendar on the top of this section helps you to view available slots, date-wise bookings, and plan your next bookings.

Show Available Slots

Once you schedule your slots in the business setup section, all available slots are shown in the booking section. These slots are shown here to display your availability and help you easily book sessions from available ones for your clients.

Booking Status

The advanced booking management system on the platform helps you effectively manage booking status in multiple tabs. For your convenience, the booking section is divided into 5 tabs including - All, Upcoming, Pending, Completed, and Cancelled Bookings.


All bookings tab is your consolidated booking tab where you can see all the bookings that have been ever made on your panel. This section acts as your consolidated dashboard of booking management to view whatever bookings have been booked for payment and other references.


  • What is an online booking system?

    The main purpose of an online booking system is to allow the customers to book appointments with you or book your services through an online platform. Mevolife software allows you to control and oversee the availability of your work slots and the bookable hours that are available for the customers.

  • Can I manage all my bookings and appointments through this software?

    Yes, you have complete control over all the bookings that are made through this software. You can set flexible business hours, set your holidays, set a limit on bookings, reschedules, or cancelations. Once a request is made you can choose to accept/decline the same based on your convenience.

  • Can I sync my personal calendar with this appointment & bookings software?

    Yes, you can sync your personal google calendar with this software to avoid double bookings and stay updated for all your upcoming appointments.

  • How long will it take to set up my account?

    Getting set up to accept bookings and start delivering sessions only takes a few minutes on our platform.

  • Can I create new bookings for my clients?

    Yes, the software allows both you and your clients to create bookings. Once you create a booking, a notification is sent to the client to accept the same, and once it is confirmed the same will be shown in the upcoming tab on the software.

  • What if I am not able to deliver a session on the booked time?

    The booking section allows you to cancel the bookings to avoid no-shows. Once you cancel a booking the option for rescheduling is there. You can cancel and refund the amount for the booking or opt for rescheduling of the session based on your clients' availability.

  • How does the waitlist option work?

    The waitlist option enables multiple bookings for a single slot. If a slot is canceled by the client in order to avoid no-shows the notification is sent to the next client in line for that session. The waitlist allows up to 3 clients to book a session.

  • What is the difference between connected and unconnected clients?

    The system allows 2 types of clients - the unconnected clients can be delivered offline sessions and the connected clients which are basically the verified clients can be delivered both online and offline services.

  • Which app should my clients download to access the request?

    The clients can download the MEVOLIFE app to stay connected with you. All the notifications and alerts for upcoming bookings and cancellations can be accessed through the app.

  • What if the client cancels the bookings?

    The software divides the cancellations into 3 parts - system, client, and professional. If the professional is unable to deliver the same the canceled with the professional label, if the client does not join the session it is shown as client cancelation and if both don’t join the session it is auto-canceled by the system after 15 mins from the booking timing.

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