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Get multiple health calculators including a BMI calculator, BMR calculator, calories calculator, and many more to keep your clients vitals on track. The calculators included herein help you to record, track and keep a close eye on the health and fitness of your clients. Track details easily and save records for further correspondence. Checkout the health calculators now to provide quality services to your clients anywhere, anytime.

Body Mass Index

Calories Calculator

Basic Metabolic Rate

Ideal Weight

Health Calculators FAQ

  • What do you mean by Health Calculators?

    Health calculators refers to an amalgamation of health vital trackers to keep you updated about your health stats.

  • Why are Health Calculators important to use?

    The compositie amalgamation of Health Calculators which includes BMI, BMR, IDeal Weight and Daily Calories together help you to keep a close watch on your health. Keeping all these parameters at watch help you to keep many underlying health diseases like heart attack, obesity, and more at bay!

  • Can I use Health Calculators for free?

    Yes, you can use all our health calculators for free and keep a close tab on your own and your family/friends/clients health vitals.

  • Are all records saved on your platform?

    Yes, all the records are saved on the platform for easier future reference.

  • Body Mass Index

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  • Basic Metabolic Rate

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  • Calories Calculator

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  • Ideal Weight

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