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Welcome to our Saas-based fitness, health, and wellness platform! We are committed to supporting you and your clients on the path to improved health. Our platform provides access to a variety of robust health calculators. These tools are crafted to deliver personalized insights, empowering you to make informed decisions regarding your nutrition, fitness, and overall well-being.

Health Calculators FAQ

  • Are these calculators available for use free of charge?

    Yes, all calculators, including BMI, BMR, Ideal Weight, and Calories Calc, are free to use.

  • Am I restricted to using it solely for the clients listed on the platform?

    No, you can use the calculators for both existing and new clients once you sign up on the platform.

  • Are the records of all calculations saved on the platform?

    Yes, all the records are saved on the platform, and you can update, delete, or share them according to your preference.

  • Is the platform compatible with both metric and imperial units?

    Yes, the platform supports both metric and imperial units, and the coach can customize them according to their preference.

  • Where can I find the interpretation of the results for these calculators?

    The interpretations and explanations of the results for all the calculators are provided above in the help section.

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