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  • Can I use any exercise from the database to create workouts?

    The Mevolife exercise database comes with 350+ exercises with GIF videos to help your client understand how to do a particular exercise. You can use any number of exercises from the database to create workout plans for your clients.

  • Can I add my own exercises?

    Yes, you can add your own exercises and create a custom database to create workout plans for your clients.

  • What is the minimum number of exercises required to create a plan?

    You must select at least 2 exercises to create a workout which will be used to create plans in the software.

  • What if my client to whom I want to deliver the created plan is not using the Mevolife app?

    No problem! Even if the client is not using the app you can use the share option to deliver the created plan using other platforms like WhatsApp, FB, and more.

  • Where can I see my client’s progress in the software?

    Once a plan is assigned along with the start date the progress, status, and compliance of the client can be seen in the client detail section. Please make sure to tell your clients to update the status in the app to sync the same in the software.

  • Can a created plan be customized for specific requirements?

    Yes, if you wish to you can customize a created plan using the edit option available with each plan.

  • How many workout plans can I create in the software?

    You can create n number of workout plans using this software with pre-loaded or customized data as per your requirements.

  • Is it mandatory for the client to book a session to get the plan?

    No, it is not mandatory for a client to book a session to get the plan. Using the virtual planner sell plan option you can directly connect the planner with the setup module and sell plans directly to all Mevolife users.

  • Can one plan be delivered to multiple clients?

    Yes, one plan can be delivered to n number of clients in the software. You can select the date and time for each client and assign the plans as per your requirements.

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