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Ideal Weight Calculator

The MevoLife platform offers you multiple tools to keep track of your clients’ overall health and progress over time. With all of the tools in one place, you can focus on how your clients are trending and being sure they are moving in the direction you both desire.

To log an Ideal Weight record to a new or existing client, follow these steps:

  • In the left navigation bar, click “Health Calculators.”
  • Click “Ideal Weight.”
  • Click the “+” icon to create a new Ideal Weight record.
  • There are two options:

    a. Choose Existing Client and pick one from your roster.

    b. Choose New Client and you’ll create a new client record. Note: If you create a new client this way, you’ll want to fill in the rest of their details from the Client Manager module.
  • Fill in the Gender and Height and then click “Calculate & Save.”
  • Once you make the new calculation, it is stored in the system for future use.
  • If you need to make edits, use the Pencil icon from the table to access the record.

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