Your Hair Care Is Your Responsibility: We Are Here to Help!

Hair is the crown that we wear every day and living without them is nothing short of a nightmare. They add a style fashion quotient to the way we look and feel about ourselves. This makes the role of a well-rounded hair care routine even more important because if left to fend for itself, this crown can surely tip over someday.

A simple experience could be a bad hair day and the worst one could be complete (or partial) baldness- a situation that we all are much better without. Here’s just what you could do to stay away from that kind of a misadventure!

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Importance of Following a Hair Care Pattern

Before we start, here are some staggering pieces of statistics:

  • We may lose up to 100 hair everyday

  • Up to 800 thousand people worldwide suffer from hair loss

  • 21 million people of these 800k are in the US alone

  • 47% of the people worldwide would trade their hair issues with their monetary savings

  • 1 of 3 marriage is affected by hair issues

  • More than 80% of people cannot figure out if their friend has got a hair transplant

Your Hair Care Is Your Responsibility: We Are Here to Help!

What else could you expect from such a silent but rampant issue? It thus makes a strong case in favor of following a proper hair care routine and sticking to it, and it is all the better if it is offered by a lifestyle professional.

Hair Care Routine

An ideal medicine would only work to its best capability when it has been checked against all related parameters. Haircare is no exception to this golden rule and it is for this reason that home remedies, despite being scientifically proven, often do not deliver optimum performance.

What people often fail to understand is that home remedies and other such fail-safe herbal methods are usually a derivative of a certain societal or cultural structure, and can’t always be neatly extrapolated on all hair types.

We would thus like to outline the following procedure:

Your Hair Care Is Your Responsibility: We Are Here to Help!

1. Check your hair type

2. Comb your hair at least two times in a day, slowly and carefully

3. Use a magnetic hairbrush, if possible

4. Use a shampoo that suits you best (a hair care expert could help you with that)

5. Oiling is not a formality, it is a necessity that should be done thrice a week

6. Dry your hair carefully and slowly- it is not a wrestling match

7. Go for a healthy diet

8. Workout or do Yoga every day

9. Guard yourself against stress, pollution, untidy habits, and medications

10. Go for Vitamin B12 and E for the best results

11. For dry hair- Olive oil and For oily hair- coconut oil are considered the best

12. Hair Supplements are good but they should not be taken for longer durations

Also note that deep conditioning and love for yourself will always take you further with hair care than all the care products combined.

How to Take Care of Hair Daily?

How to Take Care of Hair Daily?

(and just why you should do it regularly?)

We are afraid that this question does not have a straightforward answer. A proper analysis of the same would depend on six crucial aspects, viz., cleansing, detangling, conditioning, moisturizing, styling, protecting- and then repeating it all over the next day. It would thus come highly recommended to get the job done with the help of a hair care professional (as we have mentioned above).

This is important because a hair care expert or a lifestyle expert is just like a doctor who treats a specific issue. Just like home remedies can’t completely treat something as simple fever on their own, they can’t treat advanced issues related to hair or any other part of the body.

Hair Care Routine for Hair Growth

Some simple hair care tips like using Vitamin E supplements and staying away from chemical shampoos are a good way to start. However, you would always be better placed adopting a holistic process for something as crucial as hair care.

Your Hair Care Is Your Responsibility: We Are Here to Help!

We have already mentioned some straightforward ways you could consider for the better results. In the same light, we are also mentioning some strict no-no’s that you should stay away from. They are as follows:

  • Don’t take hot showers

  • Don’t sweat over the small stuff

  • Stay away from hair gels, hair perfumes, colors, and other types of styling products

  • A hairdryer is only the last resort, use it sparingly

  • Steer clear of dandruff

Steer clear of dandruff
  • Don’t keep locks longer if you can’t take care of them- it’s ok to trim them

  • Oiling is good but make sure that moisture and dust is not trapped in them

  • Wash your hair at least twice a week

The Best Hair Care Starts With You!

You are the boss and you wear your crown your way. We welcome you to go the extra mile and figure out what you can do with some professional and well-qualified guidance. Some help, some guidance, some consistency, and a little magic can go a long way to better hair care. If you could figure out a proper hair care routine for yourself and stick to it, you could derive many benefits out of it any given day.

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