How to Run Faster? 5 Expert Tips to Use Now!

How to Run Faster? 5 Expert Tips to Use Now!

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Jane 19 Jul, 2019

Going for a run for the first few times can feel really hard – it’s difficult to breathe, muscles ache, lungs burnout, and all you want to do is stop right away. The situation becomes even more challenging as you try to increase your after a few seconds. The pain that you feel is the last of your endurance limit that your body is being pressed to.

Running is the simplest, though not the easiest, of all workouts. It does not require any specific equipment or too lengthy a preparation, but just needs some focused hard work and a bit of guidance to get the job done. As you stay on with it, you can see an increase in your running speeds and consequent health benefits.

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We have got some simple tricks and techniques that you can use in your routine. If you use them every day in your fitness routine, they will do their part in boosting your speed as a runner. These smart tips are offered by our fitness experts who have extensive experience in shaping several runners over the years. It’s your time to take advantage of their insights today!

Jogging vs Running

Jogging vs Running

Most fitness experts believe that running is short sprints is an extremely useful exercise. However, one should not jump to running straightaway on the first mention. It is incredibly better to first take-off with a little warm-up and a bit of preparation before switching to some light jogging for the first few days.

Jogging would use less oxygen and energy but will set you up for the harder regime ahead. You may always use it as a warmup for the more strenuous running sprees ahead. The biggest difference you would see is that it will save your lungs (read: respiratory system) from sudden stress.

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Going slow and steady would help you absorb the extra requirement of energy. This will quicken the process of combining oxygen with the blood glucose or body fat- and the longer you have jogged, the better your acclimatization would be.

Tip: To counter the sudden stress and to develop enough energy to stay above the threshold, it is also important to have a balanced and nutritious diet.

What Are the Benefits of Running Every Day?

What Are The Benefits Of Running Every Day?

Here are some of the most important benefits of running every day:

Another option for a stronger leg muscles is to incorporate leg-strengthening moves like squats, lunges, burpees, or step-ups!

    •  Helps in building stronger bones, muscles, and ligaments

    •  Strengthens muscular structure

    •  Improves cardiovascular fitness

    •  Burns fat faster

    •  Reduces stress

    •  Helps with anxiety and panic attacks

    •  Boosts natural defense system

    •  Makes you happier and more focused

    •  Improves your happiness and boosts mood

    •  Regulates blood sugar and blood pressure

    •  Improves concentration

    •  Increases immunity against seasonal illnesses

  •  Optimizes your eating and sleep patterns

Tip: The easiest way to run faster is to stay disciplined with your diet and sprinting schedule.

What Are the Foods High in Protein?

What Are The Foods High In Protein?

Protein is the most important element of muscle building. This is why most virtual fitness coaches advise beginners to go for a protein-heavy diet before they switch to the more intensive form of aerobic exercises. This would also keep you away from eating junk foods and curb your cravings at odd hours, thus helping in weight management.

Some of the high-energy foods you can eat to run faster are:

    •  Eggs

    •  Greek yogurt

  • Milk

    •  Broccoli

    •  Almonds

    •  Chicken breast

    •  Oats

    •  Beans

    •  Pork Tenderloin

    •  Cottage cheese

    •  Seafood

    •  White-Meat Poultry

    •  Cheese

    •  Soy

    •  Lean Beef

Including these foods would help you derive more energy for your muscles and tendons, thus reducing the risk of injuries and sprains. This would also boost your average running speed in times to come.

How to Run Faster?

How To Run Faster?

5 Expert Tips To Run Faster:

Including sprints or running as an integral part of your fitness plans is always a welcome addition to your workout schedule, provided the same has been cleared by your fitness trainer. The key is to maintain a balance between your diet and running speeds, for excess in either could only prove disastrous.

Here are 5 expert tips to run faster:

 Slow Down

There’s no need to start your run at a speed of 8 minutes per mile. When you are new to running, the key to becoming a master at it is to go slow. The right speed for a starter would be enough so you’re breathing faster than you would by just walking, but not huffing and puffing so much that your lungs hurt or you’re gasping for each breath.

If you slow down a bit, it will allow you to focus on the correct running form. It will also give you enough time to enjoy your time and you’ll have enough focus to listen to your favorite music, all of which can make you love going out for a run.

 Hills & Squats

Hills & Squats

Strong leg muscles are a must-have. One way to achieve that is to incorporate leg-strengthening work into your runs by adding hills. Running uphill is very challenging, but as soon as you get back to a flat surface you’ll be amazed to see the difference in your running speed.

When you get used to it, your pace will increase naturally and you may then translate your lead into more challenges. You may also go for specific fitness regimes like doing like squats, lunges, burpees, or step-ups.

Tip: It is important to keep a track of your progress. Get yourself a now!

 Add The Element Of Fun

If you hate your run it means that you are doing something wrong. It’s time that you start finding ways to make it more enjoyable like bringing your dog with you, running while listening to music, explore a new running place and fitness gears, etc. Adding an element of fun will bring a new spark and motivate you to go for runs more often.

Tip: Using a trendy and premium pair of Bluetooth headphones with high bass could do the trick!

Being Regular Is The Key

Being Regular Is The Key

To make your body accustomed to the demands of running, being regular is the key. Instead of waiting for free time or nice weather to go for a run, it would be better if you could make a weekly running schedule.

When you plan to run often it will help in strengthening the lower body and core muscles which will ultimately make running an easy activity for you. Ease into running regularly with shorter runs, and as it begins to feel easier, gradually increase the mileage per workout.

Don’t Do It In excess

Though running regularly is going to make your body adaptive, but it is important to use it to defeat boredom and repetitive-stress injuries. We’d advise you to mix your cardio routine with biking, hiking, dancing, swimming, trekking, etc.

Engaging yourself in other kinds of cardio is going to enhance the overall strength of your body. It will also keep you refreshed and you will surely find it more enjoyable and fun when you get back to it after a few days. Even running a 5k race would not seem too big a task then!

The Key Is to Enjoy the Process

The Key Is To Enjoy The Process

You could be jogging, sprinting, running, or just about galloping- it seriously doesn’t matter what you are doing if you are not enjoying the process. You should note that there is no rush, there is no version of this story in which you have to come on top with anyone else.

You are supposed to take sprinting as a health and fitness challenge that is supposed to widen your perspective about yourself, and not to top anyone else. Your focus should be on increasing your speed in a linear and stepwise manner and not to hurt yourself in the process, and most people fail to understand this basic fact.