Why Running Is Good for Weight Loss?

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Simone 08 Aug, 2018

Running is a great way to lose weight and burn body fat linearly. As an activity, it ranks among one of the simplest aerobic activities because it does not require any elaborate arrangements or equipment to start. All one needs to do is to put on one’s running shoes and start preparing oneself for the sprint.

There are two major benefits of choosing it as a regular workout. It increases the heart and breathing rates, thus increasing the amount of oxygen transported to the muscles. With consistency, one can expect better and faster results in terms of leaner muscles and reduced belly fat.

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The importance of these two factors is that they enable the body to begin to use body fat as the primary energy source instead of glycogen. At the beginning of your run, stored carbohydrates in the muscle are the energy source. This lasts for about 30 minutes until the amount of glycogen is reduced by 30% and the excess body fat is being used in the process, thus helping in faster weight loss.

How Running Changes Your Body?

How running changes your body?

The act of running, by definition, means that at a given point in time, both feet are off of the ground at the same time. This extra and speedy effort of propelling yourself into the air requires more calories to be used and thus causes more weight to be lost during the process.

Running helps your body switch to using the calories stored in fat tissue as fuel. This is a natural defense mechanism in the human body to preserve the glycogen remaining in the legs and buttocks for general use when you stop running.

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While you can’t measure the reduction by yourself, you can rest assured that it occurs when your heart rate rises to a level above 65% of your maximum heart rate (which is 220 – Your Present Age). You should spend about 30 minutes exercising.

What Are the Benefits of Running?

Walking briskly or jogging or sprinting will cause your heart rate to rise to a level that may be equal to running. The number of calories that a person, either man or woman will use is determined by:

  • Their body weight

  • The length of time spent running

  • The speed at which they run

  • The diet and sleep patterns

Fitness experts define running as an aerobic exercise that leads you to sprint at a speed of more than 4 miles per hour. As a rule, it might burn about 500-600 calories per hour for a 180 lb. (82 kg) person.

Why Running is Good for Weight Loss?

Tip: Here’s a free calorie calculator you can use to find your energy expenditure online.

For example, if you weigh 135 lbs. (61 kgs), that is 25% less in body weight and so would use 25% fewer calories or about 375-450 calories per hour. A person weighing 225 lbs. (102 kgs) would use 25% more calories or 625-750 calories per hour.

Running faster will burn more calories as it takes more energy to increase the speed. However, the increased speed that causes a moderate increase in the use of calories also causes an increase in the heart rate as well. At this point, the body stops using fat as the energy source and goes back to using glycogen for energy, and begins to use muscle tissue as an energy source.

Caution: There comes a point at which running stops being an aerobic exercise and becomes an anaerobic one due to the heart rate being too high. Be sure to contact a healthcare expert online should you feel like it.

Why Is Running Good for Weight Loss?

Imagine the shape of well-trained marathon runners. They not only have lost most of their body fat due to high-energy running but also have lost most of their muscle mass as well. If 65% of your maximum heart rate is the low end of the correct heart rate range, the upper end of the range is 80%.

A moderate rate of running will enable:

Why Running is Good for Weight Loss?
  • Maximum fat loss to occur

  • A greater amount of exercise to be done without fatigue

  • A shorter recovery period before your next session allowing for the most weight loss to occur.

Though there are a lot of benefits of running in your daily life, going for a run for the first few times can feel really hard – it’s difficult to breathe, muscles ache, lungs burnout, and all you want to do is STOP right away. Listen, don’t give up!

How to Run Faster by Doing Exercises?

Here are some expert ways you can follow to run faster and achieve faster weight loss:

  • A weight-loss-friendly diet is an absolute must, as advised by a nutritionist

  • Start with warmups and light jogging

  • Go for tempo runs

  • Go for weight and strength training

  • Go for HIITs and Pilates

  • Aim to run on treadmills every day

  • Do workouts on legs 

  • Run hills

  • Stay consistent

  • Workout with spouse or friend

The Key Is to Enjoy the Process

The key is to enjoy the process

Jogging or sprinting, whatever stage you are at, would require you to know that you are choosing to make a big change to your lifestyle that your future self would thank you for. This is why we would recommend you to go for a specialized program with a virtual fitness trainer to combine your weight loss plans and fitness plans.

He would be the best person to assess your BMI, , dietary and sleeping patterns, and would help you with a consolidated plan to help you with it. Once you get it, it would be best for you to stick to the program in the advised manner, and be disciplined for a longer period of time.

This would help you enjoy the process of transformation better- and the results would be just as amazing!

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