24 Expert Tips for Better Hair Care in 2021

Hair are indeed the crown we wear every day. They help us look beautiful and attractive, and their loss is usually enough of a reason for us to become anxious. This is also a primary reason why having a good hairstyle is always the predominant statement in our appearance and it is a fact that holds equally for men and women of all age groups.

The worst nightmare that someone could have is a consistent and sudden hair fall. This could be due to pollution or stress too but most of the time it is due to an unhealthy lifestyle. Some other reasons could be emotional trauma, loss of proteins and vitamins, hormonal changes, pregnancy, thyroid, and iron deficiency.

PS: A lesser known, but equally relevant reason, for hair fall (or baldness) is a lack of fitness too. We recommend doing quick home cardio exercises and eating a healthy diet as a regular part of your life.

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How to Take Care of Hair Naturally?

As easy as it may sound, hair care is not an easy topic to discuss. You would almost always find women saying that ‘having long hair is the most annoying and wonderful thing ever’ and they would even swear by it. One shouldn’t be too surprised because hair care forms such an important part of their lives, no matter what part of the world they are from.

We are offering some easy ways through which you can take care of your hair naturally. Most of them are essentially homemade hair care tips that you can follow without any special preparation on your part. However, please note that these remedies will take some time to show their results and thus you should remain both patient and consistent with them.

1. Wash your hair regularly with natural ingredients like henna and lemon

Wash your hair regularly with natural ingredients like henna and lemon

2. Stay away from using shampoos, especially the ones that have harmful chemicals

3. Apply natural conditioners like onion juice or beer

4. Apply egg yolk on them once a week or at least once a month

5. Take a balanced diet and have a fitness-centric lifestyle

6. Let the hair dry on their own

7. Proteins are central to hair care, make sure you use them in moderation

8. Rely on a diet that has zinc and iron in it

9. Go for high-protein foods like fish that are rich in Omega-3 and Vitamins A and D

10. It would be best to apply some warm oil to your scalp too

11. Make sure to use only natural or herbal oils like coconut oil or mustard oil or olive oil

12. Avoid the urge to color your hair using dye and colors

13. Drink enough water every day

14. Cut down on smoking, alcohol, and/or substance abuse

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How to Improve Hair Quality for Men?

Going bald affects everyone subconsciously

Men suffer more from hair fall and they are usually left clueless against this onslaught. Their experience is often influenced by stress, pollution, illnesses, and hereditary causes. An experience of constant hair fall can surely lead to a loss of self-worth and attractiveness in men, and can quicken the process of baldness. This process is usually irreversible.

Here is how men can get improve the quality of their hair quickly (and reduce hair fall):

1. Rub green tea leaves or use green tea to wash their scalp

2. Use garlic, ginger, or onion juice to strengthen the roots

3. Avoid brushing wet hair

4. Follow these homemade tips for dry hair and scalp

5. Do not use hair styling gels and products

6. Stay away from perm or hair colors

7. Get a checkup for diabetes, thyroid, iron deficiency, hair disease, blood deficiency

8. Exercise or meditate every day

9. Drink two cups of green tea every day

10. Use Ayurvedic medicines like Bhringraj and Brahmi to build your immunity

These are some of the best tips as suggested by our virtual wellness and lifestyle experts. You can dial them up for a quick consultation through live sessions on your phone. There would be no waiting period or any need for taking appointments either. You can get started with a professional of your choice, as and when you’d want. We would share the link for a free trial of consultations below.

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How to get personalized guidance for your hair care issues?

The internet is an amazing place to get started with quality help. You can visit our blog for more expert ideas and tips for healthy hair for 2021. Should you think you need some expert guidance to improve your lifestyle quotient, you sure can reach out to us through this link. These services help you avail of personalized consultation from some of the best experts from around the world and they are available 24x7 on your smartphone.

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