Why You Should Start With Yoga at 4 AM Tomorrow?

“Yoga is not about touching your toes. It is about what you learn on the way down.”

This is by far one of the simplest and most methodical definitions of Yoga. In the current pandemic times, we are all doing our best to stay afloat physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially. It is thus a tremendous load to carry and countless people are giving up either due to the Corona Virus or due to its repercussions around them.

Yoga can offer an easy way out with its calming and soothing effect.

Starting with this ancient Vedic practice and sticking to it won’t solve any of the infections or your problems but it will surely help you with enough resilience to take them on.

The best day to start with it is today though we all could have a little debate over whether one should do Yoga in the morning or evening. We would stick to the morning schedule for the reasons mentioned below.

Why Should Beginners Do Yoga in the Morning?

Advantages of starting early in Brahm Muhurta

Advantages of starting early in Brahm Muhurta

Waking up early and doing meditation exercises like Yoga and Tai-Chi or Zen always helps in getting a positive start to your day. In ancient Vedic practices, the time before the last quarter of the night is called Brahm Muhurta and it is usually at 3:40 am.

Thus waking up then or a little earlier and getting started at 4 am is the best way to get going with meditation.

According to Indus Scrolls, a reputed online portal dedicated to spreading awareness about Indian culture and traditions, one should aim to wake up early depending on his medical condition. They have also underlined several benefits of waking up early too

These metaphysical benefits are related to an increase in productivity, focus, agility, time management, and sharper intellect. As these positive qualities increase, one also sees a boost in one’s resilience and patience, thus helping one treat the ups and downs in life with calmness.

7 Yoga Poses You Should Do First Thing in the Morning

7 yoga poses you should do first thing in the morning

We are presenting a set of seven easy to do Yoga exercises that you can do both as a beginner and as an expert. They all relate to strengthening various aspects of your mind and body, and they can be best done on a yoga mat.

1. Surya Namaskar (or Salutation to the Sun God)

2. Parivrtta Utkatasana (or the Revolved Chair Pose)

3. Dhanurasna (or the Bow Pose)

4. Trikonasana (or the Triangle Pose)

5. Naukasana (or the Boat Pose)

6. Bhujangasana (or the Cobra Pose)

7. Halasana (or the Plough Pose)

These are some of the easiest and simplest 7 yoga poses that you should do first thing in the morning. However, before starting with these Yoga Asanas, it would be best to consult your doctor as well because you might have an underlying medical issue that could get worsened by sudden exercises.

Benefits of Learning Yoga Online From an Online Expert

Contacting an expert online is an awesome way to start!

Contacting an expert online is an awesome way to start!

Getting started on the right path is important. Just as important is to understand learning and progressing under the aegis of a qualified master. Yoga is a serious art and it always requires the person to first find a guru (or a teacher) for himself because if done improperly, this meditation technique can cause much damage too.

Contacting a virtual yoga master should be an obvious way to start. He would be a person who has walked the path both as a beginner and as an expert, and he can better understand where you are coming from. You could also ask your questions directly from him to get a firsthand resolution of the same.

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Early Morning Yoga Tips for Beginners

The best morning routine for newbies

The best morning routine for newbies

As you are starting up to make Yoga a part of your life, here are some expert tips to help you get started the right way. We recommend you to follow these tips to get a better and faster transition from your current lifestyle to the newer one.

Here are some early morning yoga tips for beginners:

1. Set an alarm to wake up

2. Prepare yourself physically and mentally

3. Go easy and simple

4. Start with smaller time durations for exercises

5. Get yourself a qualified online yoga master and a good quality yoga mat

6. Respect your trainer’s time

7. Wear loose and comfortable clothes

8. Stay patient with your progress

9. Be regular and firm with your schedule

10. Notice your breathing and pulse

11. Most importantly, do not give up!

Summing Up!

We believe that by following the rules above, you can make your experience better, and switching to meditation will help you earn even more dividends over time. Remember, the most important part of adopting a new change is the reason behind it. As long as you are happy and persistent with it, it won’t stop short of making your life better.