Troubled with Backache? Your Posture Could Be at Fault!

Troubled with Backache? Your Posture Could Be at Fault!

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Aditya 20 Sep, 2020

Our back sustains our load and provides a definite structure to our bodies. It also connects various parts of our body and provides a correlation between various muscles of our nervous system. Being such a crucial part of our body, it makes perfect sense to understand that any disturbance in its regular functions could easily lead to a disaster.

The good thing is that these disasters almost never come without a warning. This warning signal is called backache.

Back Pain: Causes

It is not always too difficult to understand that you could be suffering from , but what makes the task difficult is the underlying reason that is causing it. It may be caused due to a number of reasons or worse, even due to a combination of several of them. We are listing some of those reasons below:

1. Muscle or ligament strain

2. Exposure to cold waves (maybe due to air-conditioner too)

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3. Imbalance of your center of gravity

4. Disturbed or slipped disks

5. Abnormal curvature of the spine

6. Arthritis

7. Bone related issues like Osteoporosis

8. Too much strain

9. Improper lifting of weights (in the gym or otherwise)

10. Sciatica

11. Spinal Stenosis

12. Spondylitis

Troubled With Backache? Your Posture Could Be At Fault!

13. Spondylosis

14. Long-term pain due to a previous injury

15. Pregnancy

16. Improper riding or driving postures in motorcycles or car

17. Sudden thrust on the back

18. A sudden or awkward movement

19. Lower back pain when bending backwards

These are just some of the few causes that may be behind that back pain. However, there are some issues (rather maladies) like a kidney stone or failing adrenaline glands that too may cause backache. Please note that you should be very careful to understand the cause of the pain as such. Not all backaches that you could be suffering from could be due to your back as there may be something else underneath.

The Number One Cause of Back Pain: Poor Posture

The Number One Cause of Back Pain: Poor Posture

It Could Make Or Break Your Entire Day

A poor posture while sitting, walking, or sleeping could simply lead you to the worst of pains in your back. It is mighty easy to skip or overlook them because they all look so very common and may even disguise themselves as “just another pain.”

There are a few other causes too, as follows:

1. Prolonged hunching

2. Unsupported sitting position

3. Rounded shoulders

4. Potbelly

5. Bent knees

6. Improper position of head

7. Sitting in a particular position for several hours on a trot

8. Slouching

9. Improper reading or driving conditions

PS: Even if it nothing else that fits your situation, you can still resolve the issue with Yoga. The Dhanurasana is an apt choice for the starters.

How to Fix a Bad Posture?

How To Fix A Bad Posture?

It would take you 21 days to form a habit of changing your body posture and 30 days to see some visible results in your back pain. However, it is harder than it sounds. It would be thus better for us to divide the issue into upper back pain and lower back pain.

The former would be easier to cure as you would focus on your rounded shoulders and tilted head position. You could then choose to sit straight on a wooden chair all day long and also use the dry needling technique if you think you’re still slouching. The latter would take more time because you might have a potbelly. This would require you to develop more healthy habits and try living in with your stomach tucked in.

A good way to get both these issues resolved would be to talk to an online fitness expert or a virtual yoga master. Their consultations can be availed through an online channel using a smartphone, a virtual health service app, and a willingness to try something new. These professionals would help you get closer to your goal of getting a better position while sitting, brisk walking, running, driving, and pretty much anything!

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Summing Up!

Your back pain is God’s way of telling you that something drastically is wrong with your body and it can take up an ugly form, if not resolved early. You could start off with easy indications like upper back pain and lower back pain when bending backwards to understand what region is more affected, and how you can get hold of a virtual expert to get rid of the nuisance altogether. The sooner you do it, the better it would be for you in the long run of schemes.