Losing Weight Takes Time, Here's Why You Should Stay Consistent

Losing Weight Takes Time, Here's Why You Should Stay Consistent

Here are some key findings of the data collected from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey for weight loss over the period from 2013-16.

1. Nearly 50% of adults in the US tried to lose weight.

2. Women’s count among them was at a staggering 56.4%.

3. Weight gain was prevalent in the more financially affluent and well to do families.

4. More people went for Exercising and Dieting (62.9%) instead of following a healthier lifestyle. Eating fibrous foods and fruits was also less prevalent

Obesity is one of the leading issues in the United States today and almost 40% of US residents were obese in the aforementioned period. The issue isn’t based on a lack of exercise or healthy dieting practices, but rather with consistency do them the right way.

An online weight loss calculator may help you keep a daily record of how you are progressing, and if you have been in the weight loss plateau recently. The latter is notorious for sabotaging all the hard work and patience that one has exercised over several weeks.

Here’s how you could do better with a few easy tips.

How to Stay Consistent With Weight Loss?

How To Stay Consistent With Weight Loss?

How To Stay Away From A Weight Loss Plateau?

Being obese is certainly not the end of the world. While it is not easy to lose weight, it surely makes an experience well worth trying. Here are some easy to understand and simple to do expert tips to stay consistent with weight loss:

1. Cut down on unhealthy eating practices

2. Stay away from having foods that cause flab

a. Stay away from junk foods, no matter what!

b. Keep a count of your calories

c. Stay hydrated (drink enough water)

3. Start your day with aerobics, workouts, mediation, or yoga

4. Drink two cups of green tea every day

Losing Weight Takes Time, Here's Why You Should Stay Consistent
  • 5. Cut down on carbohydrates

  • 6. Remain cautious about fatty foods (remember, not all fats are bad)

  • a. Go for honey instead of sugar

  • b. Cut down on sweets and cola drinks

  • 7. Follow the more healthy diets like Mediterranean or Ketogenic

  • 8. Parsley and green leafy vegetables are an excellent option

  • 9. Keep an online weight loss calculator and BMI calculator on your smartphone

  • 10. Practice Mindful Eating

  • 11. Eat when you are hungry, not when you are bored

  • 12. Monitor your sleep patterns

Losing Weight Takes Time, Here's Why You Should Stay Consistent

13. Get yourself a fitness tracker or smartwatch

14. Stay consistent, resist temptations

15. Eat fibrous fruits and vegetables

16. Fast once a week

17. Take small portions on your plate- stay away from binge eating

18. Cook yourself, if you can!

It is also important to keep a note to remember what and how you are eating, and also when you are eating. Staying motivated and happy about your goals is just as important.

A related concern is of Weight Loss Plateau. It refers to the sudden jump or spike in weight gain or loss when you take up your prior food habits after exercising or dieting for a long period. This phenomenon explains why people do tend to gain or lose weight rapidly after a restrained and disciplined regime.

Tip: There are some loopholes that you might need to close before you start with your new eating routine. Here’s how to do it.

Why Can’t I Lose Weight No Matter What I Do?

“Help! I Am Eating Less But Gaining Weight Daily!”

“Help! I Am Eating Less But Gaining Weight Daily!”

Chances are it is hereditary. There is not much you can do except from keeping it under check. Another way is to cross-check the intake of your calories and fats. You should also check for the following 15 reasons as to why your weight is not consistent over some time:

1. Lack of proteins

2. Less intake of chocolate and honey

3. Irregular consumption of unhealthy carbs, fats, and calories

4. Improper and inadequate exercise

5. Hypertension or Diabetes

6. Irregular sleep patterns, staying up late night

7. Emotional or binge eating

8. Too much alcohol and/or smoking

9. Cola drinks (!)

10. Binge eating

Losing Weight Takes Time, Here's Why You Should Stay Consistent -5

11. Less physical labor and long hours of sitting

12. Any current medical condition (recent surgery and medication included)

13. Lack of Vitamin C and E

14. You might have contacted an unqualified dietitian or nutritionist or doctor

15. Any underlying digestive disorders that cause weight gain

These are some of the most obvious reasons as to why you are not losing weight when you are exercising and dieting. Maybe the fault isn’t all with you but you are still bearing the burden because it is your body.

Staying Consistent With Weight Loss

Staying Consistent With Weight Loss

It is not easy breaking free from habits or even a lifestyle that is hurting you so bad. You would need to find the willpower to stay consistent with your health goals. Even if you succeed in losing some weight in some time, you should again guard yourself against a weight loss plateau. It may arise due to one or more of the 15 reasons mentioned above and you would need to press harder to beat it. Consulting a virtual fitness or wellness expert could help by a mile any day!