How to Lose Weight Fast with a Ketogenic Diet in 1 Month?

Major research by National Center for Health Services over the period from 2013-2016 revealed that almost 54% of women and 47% of men in the US tried to lose weight in the last 12 months. The most popular method for doing this were exercising and eating less to get faster results.

This is a shocking piece of statistics that tells us about the after-effects of a hectic and improper lifestyle that most of us are living with. A majority of the population is obese or underweight and is battling weight management issues, and it is usually due to improper habits like binge eating and consuming less than nutritious foods.

Then there are factors like stress, excess consumption of alcohol, genetic factors, and improper sleep patterns- they all also add up to weaker cardiac and respiratory systems.

Weight loss is not just a word, it is a requirement in today’s world. People are gunning for smarter and proven modes to get rid of excess flab and to stay in shape. The issue is not that people succeed at losing weight, but rather that they also tend to add a few more pounds after some time when they get back to their undisciplined ways.

This is just where the ketogenic diet comes in as an obvious option.

What Is Ketogenic Diet (or the Keto Diet)?

What is Ketogenic Diet (or the Keto Diet)?

The Ketogenic diet (or keto diet) is one of the most effective ways to lose weight rapidly and keep the fat off for good. It works on the principle that one should cut down on one’s carbohydrate intake and replace it with healthy fats.

As you persist with it, you’ll find that it reduces the amount of carbohydrate-based energy intake and your body would enter a phase called ketosis. This will turn your fat into ketone. This high-fat and low-carb diet make your body more efficient at burning fat for energy consumption.

What Causes Obesity?

Obesity is defined as a physical disorder that involves an accumulation of extra or unwanted fat on the body, causing a lot of health risks. It is caused due to a difference between the calories consumed and calories expended in return for normal activities. People who are obese tend to eat a lot and spend a lesser part of it doing activities.

If your Body Mass Index is more than 25, you are overweight and if it is more than 30, you are obese. The higher the value, the more prone you are to several cardiovascular diseases, musculoskeletal disorders, type 2 diabetes, cancer, and depression. It can affect your weight management results too.

Keto Diet for Weight Loss

Keto Diet for Weight Loss

Ketosis is a process that the body does on an everyday basis, regardless of the number of carbs you eat. When you eat foods high in carbs or excess amounts of protein, your body will break this down into sugar, known as glucose. Glucose is needed for the creation of ATP (an energy molecule) that fuels our bodies. This is a normal and healthy chemical reaction of the body.

Our bodies use up much of the nutrients that we eat to maintain themselves daily. If you eat enough food, there will likely be an excess of glucose that your body doesn’t need. What happens with this glucose? There are two things:

  • Glycogenesis: Excess glucose will be converted into a different chemical, glycogen, and stored in your liver and muscles. Estimates show that only about half of your daily energy can be stored as glycogen, so what happens with the glycogen that can’t be stored in your liver and muscles?

  • Lipogenesis: If there’s already enough glycogen in your muscles and liver, any extra glucose will be converted into fats and stored. Ketosis is just what happens when you stop eating foods high in carbs and excess protein and your body doesn’t get that glucose.

When your body has no access to food, like when you are sleeping or when you are on dieting, your body will start burning fat to create molecules called ketones. These molecules are utilized by the liver to generate more energy for the body. This is known as Ketosis Weight Loss Rate or Success.

How Long Does It Take to Lose Weight in Ketosis?

How long does it take to lose weight in ketosis?

About 90 days.

A ketogenic diet is incredibly helpful with suppressing appetite and turning the body’s preference to use energy storage units. It also alters the concentrations of hormones and nutrients that affect hunger levels so you can listen to your body’s true hunger signals instead of sugar cravings.

Ketosis can help to maximize weight loss by regulating hormones that affect weight gain. After you eat, the hormone cholecystokinin (or CCK) is released by your body. It is responsible for stimulating fat and protein digestion, so staying true to a keto diet will help you to release that hormone sooner.

Ketogenic Diet Plan: Foods You Can Eat to Lose Some Flab Faster

This high-fat and low-carb diet can help you increase the amount of fat burned by your body. When you eat low-carb and your body starts burning fat as its primary source of fuel (instead of glucose), you’re essentially in a fasting state where your body is using your fat stores directly for energy. This can help you with maximum weight loss stalls or get rid of unwanted fat.

Here’s the list of food that can help you stick to the Ketogenic Diet and lose weight fast: –

  • Salmon

  • Macadamia Nuts

  • Eggs

  • Coconut Oil

  • Green Tea

  • Avocado

  • Aged Cheese

We recommend that you get in touch with a virtual wellness expert today to get yourself a personalized 7-day ketogenic diet plan based on your health and current weight. Consulting with this professional would also help you have a deeper insight into your fitness levels.

These video-conferencing-based sessions can be availed of from a smartphone using internet connectivity and that they do not require any prior appointment or waiting times. You can get online with a professional of your choice as and when you’d want, no matter how far apart you could be from the expert geographically.

Tips to Remember

Tips to Remember

It takes a lot of patience to get going with a new change to your lifestyle. Our nutritionist expert has offered the following tips to lose weight faster with this high-fat and low-carb diet:

  • Add more fiber to your diet

  • Consume a variety of animal fats (olive oil, fatty fish, nuts, seeds) as well as plant-based sources.

  • The keto diet is associated with low-to-moderate amounts of protein, so eating too much protein could disrupt your diet

  • Ketosis's way of eating demands long-term commitment, so make sure that you’re ready to stick with it.

  • Stick to the ratios – 70% fats, 20-25% protein, and 5-10% carbohydrates.

What changes can you expect with a ketogenic diet in a week?

The results are directly related to your weight profile and your discipline of persisting with this diet. It is not an easy thing to easily give up on one’s life pattern and dietary habits. However, you can lose somewhere between one to five or more pounds by properly following the rules.

You’d find yourself stressed physically as your body is now trying to adapt to run without its energy storage (glycogen). You would feel headaches, fatigue, pains, nausea, brain fog, irritability, and even some urge to go for the more compulsive eating habits. Such effects will pass with time.

Why Ketosis Is so Important for Weight Loss?

Why Ketosis is so important for Weight Loss?

There are three main reasons why the ketogenic diet helps in faster weight loss, as follows:

1. When carbohydrates are restricted for a couple of days, the body will start to produce ketones. This alternative fuel source comes with many benefits for the brain and nervous system, while it simultaneously promotes weight loss.

2. Most ketogenic dieters experience increased energy levels and decreased appetite after their keto reserves are being used for energy. This leads to the consumption of fewer calories, resulting in more weight loss.

3. Ketones have a mild diuretic effect. This is important to know because many people will mistake their rapid weight loss on keto as if it is all coming from fat. In reality, the rapid weight loss that occurs in the first week of the ketogenic diet is mostly due to water loss.

With all these ketogenic diet details, tips, and food ideas, you can surely have a well-directed plan to lose weight fast in 1 month. The key is to have a proper balance in your energy intake so you could burn the unwanted flab faster and then back it all up with a personalized diet plan. It’s all about making a healthy change to your lifestyle and sticking to it.

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