How a 30 Day Fitness Challenge Can Bring about Faster Weight Loss?

How a 30 Day Fitness Challenge Can Bring about Faster Weight Loss?

Smita 17 Nov, 2019

Psychology says that we can form a habit in 21 days. So, if you embark on a fitness plan to lose that pot belly in a month under a qualified trainer, chances are you could be in for a life-changing habit.

Moth-long fitness challenge workouts are widespread and common in today’s fitness world. With people having an increased desire not only for physical fitness but also for improved health, more time and effort are being spent towards those goals.

However, with the seemingly endless increased time demands of family and work, the time demand for exercise gets squeezed. This is just where you need to make a conscious choice between your health (read: weight management) and eating habits. This can also have a pronounced effect on your well-being and health.

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30 Day Weight Loss Challenge

Here’s a disclaimer: You can’t shed all the extra flab at once. This 30 day fitness challenge is only here to help you start on a positive note so you could have a firm basis for the change ahead. Starting and persisting with this change will provide you the momentum to stay in shape.

You could aim for personalized 30 day fitness challenge workouts to burn a certain amount of stored fat as calories. This process runs through the process of exercising many different muscle groups in the body and helps them turn leaner.

How A 30 Day Fitness Challenge Can Bring About Faster Weight Loss?

As the many different muscle groups operate independently of one another, an exercise involving one muscle can be completed and thus fatiguing that muscle without affecting another muscle. This allows for the individual to immediately begin and second exercise which involves a completely different muscle without a rest period for the first muscle.

It Is Also Important to Cool down after an Exercise

We all know the importance of doing warmups before starting with an exercise. It prepares your body by maintaining adequate blood pressure and blood sugar levels for the energy expenditure ahead. However, it is just as important to cool the body down after a set of exercises has been completed. Our fitness experts offer this importance of doing warmups explaining why it is so important to do it.

The purpose of rest after any exercise is to allow for lactic acid to leave that muscle. Lactic acid is formed as a by-product of glycogen being used as energy without oxygen. As the glycogen is used, lactic acid builds up and causes a burning sensation. More importantly, it is the buildup of lactic acid in the body that acts as a defense mechanism against the muscle being damaged by being overworked.

How to Do a Workout Challenge with No Equipment in 30 Days?

How to do a workout challenge with no equipment in 30 days?

Going for a no-equipment workout does not mean that you are opting for a less strenuous or less than useful form of exercise. It only means that you are opting to train under an experienced fitness expert for your specific needs and that you are not interested in following the traditional gym-based framework at least for the time being.

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Here are some of the basic exercises that you can do at home without any equipment or any elaborate exercise arrangement. You may also add them with some Yoga or Zumba sessions for better results. They would provide you with a newer way to look at your time-based fitness and workout plans.

Here Is a Sample 30 Day Fitness Challenge Plan

Here’s a simple roadmap for you to follow for your weight loss plans. Persisting with it won’t need you to use any elaborate equipment or pursue a gym-based setup, and you can continue to work on your regime as you want.


  •  It can be performed which will exercise the hamstrings which are the muscles on the back of the upper leg when squatting down, and the gluteal muscles which are the muscles of the rear end and one of the four muscles of the quadriceps, which are the muscles on the front of the thigh when standing up.


  • After performing a set of squats, the individual can immediately move on to Push-ups, which use the muscles of the chest, shoulders, and triceps. While rest is required for the legs and glutes, the rest period occurs while these muscles are being exercised.


  •  It can be performed after the push-ups which will engage the muscles of the abdomen. In all, seven different muscle groups will have been worked in a minimum of time. This rotation of exercises can be repeated several times to the extent the exerciser wishes to work and burn additional calories.

We also recommend you to check for your indulgent or compulsive eating habits with a wellness expert. There is no point working out in the hardest terms and not having a diet that doesn’t support the methodology. Another benefit of consulting a professional nutritionist is that you can get another personalized diet plan (apart from the one offered by your fitness trainer) for your fitness-centric lifestyle.

The key is to start early and start smart.