Burn Fat Faster by Running and Jogging Every Day

Assuming that you have a proper diet and a fitness workout schedule, you can still benefit a great deal from taking up two simple aerobic exercises. They are called jogging and running, and they may be done in a close tandem as per a routine (or as suggested by your gym trainer). The benefits of the two are immense and they include faster weight loss, better nervous and respiratory system, and improved health vitals. Here’s a blog post explaining how and why you should opt for these two simple workouts.

It usually starts with a proper diet and an aspiration to stay fit. You do not always have to be obese or overweight to take to any exercise routine because the human body itself is designed to stay fitter with disciplined workouts. Walking is one way to stay fit and that’s why so many fitness and healthcare experts ask you to take stairs instead of an elevator or to walk to nearby places instead of taking a taxi.

How to Lose Weight Faster?

How to lose weight faster?

The simplest way to understand why you are gaining flab and weight is to know that energy input should be equal to energy output. While it is not possible to match both sides of the equation entirely, a huge mismatch will only lead to more accumulation of flab on your body.

Did you know? Some parts of the body are more prone to becoming fatty like the arms, thighs, belly, and lower back. They all can make you look very unattractive and can reduce your self-confidence.

Our virtual fitness experts advise you to take the following step to stay fitter and to lose weight linearly:

  • Have a healthy and nutritious breakfast.

  • Do not skip breakfast because it would make you lethargic

  • Follow a proper diet plan as made with a nutritionist 

  • Drink enough water and fruit juices

  • Go for high fiber foods

Go for high fiber foods
  • Maintain a proper and regular sleep pattern

  • Stay active

  • Control your sugar intake

  • Use a smaller plate to eat

  • Boost your protein intake and reduce the intake of carbs

  • Add aerobic exercises to your daily schedule

With regards to jogging and running, they can be started as simple exercises and can then be turned into High-Intensity Interval Training exercises too. You can also check out this free resource to know what you should not eat to lose weight faster.

How to Jog the Right Way?

How to jog the right way?

Jogging is just as an important part of the exercise schedule as other aerobic exercises are. It is however easier than running because this aerobic activity stands somewhere between walking and running, or just brisk walking and running.

Here’s how you can take to jogging the right way:

1. Start with some warmup

2. Start walking slowly for some time

3. Now do some brisk walking for some time

4. Now increase the pace until you know you are jogging

5. Remember to keep your upper torso relaxed and your arms at 90 degrees to your chest

6. Stick to a schedule

7. Wear a smartwatch to measure your speed and progress

Wear a smartwatch to measure your speed and progress

8. Aim to jog a bit faster and longer after a few days

Running is the next step of evolution for any jogger, provided it is done smartly. Our fitness experts advise you to always follow up your jogging session with some running to maximize the benefits.

Running to Lose Weight

Different types of runs you can take

There are many different types of running exercises that you can take as you become more proficient. A simple rule to remember is the principle of good diet > good sleep > proper workout > some jogging > and some good running. You should also offer yourself a period of relaxation or rest before you switch to a more aggressive or demanding form of workout.

There are many types of runs that you can take:

  • Fartlek

  • Hill repeats

Hill repeats
  • Base

  • Tempo

  • Interval

  • Long

  • Progression

  • Recovery

They are essentially classified into three main categories called Speed Work, Long Slow Distance, and Recovery Run.

How to run faster?

It is important to know that every person’s energy requirements and stamina are different. As such, you can understand that you would need to figure out yours with a fitness trainer too before jumping on to the harder part.

Burn Fat Faster By Running And Jogging Every Day

A basic principle is to start the day with some easy workouts before taking to slow running. You may increase the speed a little bit after a few minutes but do not run very fast in the beginning or else you would lose your strength quickly. You can increase the speed on a permanent basis after a few days.

High Intensity Running (HIIT) and Fat Burn

If you thought that High-Intensity Interval Training was good only for the hardcore fitness professionals, you could not be more wrong. HIIT or Sprint Interval Training is the process of doing more strenuous exercises at limited time intervals. It is a special type of cardiovascular exercise strategy that alternates between short periods of intense anaerobic exercise and smaller recovery periods- and continues until one is too exhausted to continue any further.

Research shows that persisting with HIIT can boost your hormonal growth and hasten up your fat cycle. It increases your metabolism rate, makes you eat more high fiber and high protein diet, and can help you have better results in as little as 24 hours if done regularly.

Burn Fat Faster By Running And Jogging Every Day

Smart Tip: HIIT helps in reducing overall body fat while less intensive running or jogging helps in burning extra flab on thighs and belly.

Losing That Extra Flab Was Never Easier!

You could not always work under professional guidance, especially when you are doing aerobic exercises like jogging and running to stay in shape. We thus advise you to go for qualified assistance and training sessions with a fitness trainer through virtual means. All you would need is your smartphone, internet connectivity, and a valid MevoLife account to get started with a new way to stay fit!