How to Tone Biceps (and Triceps) at Home?

5 Smart Tips, 12 Proven Exercises to Build Stronger Biceps at Home

A perfectly chiseled body does not occur on its own, it needs you to work on it in a consistent and proper way. If you are wondering how you can turn your flabby arms into those muscular biceps, here’s a blog post that would offer you some useful answers.

When anybody asks you about how your muscle-building plans are going, the first thing you do is lift your arm and flex your biceps. This implies that the biceps are the most recognizable muscle group in the whole body. This is also why it is so important to spend enough time and energy on them.

The Best Biceps Workouts That You Can Do at Home

Best biceps workout you can do at home

If you are an experienced fitness trainer, you would know the importance of having a proper and nutritious diet to back a more strenuous workout session. It works on the principle of using energy- the number of calories that we consume every day should be more than the calories that are being expended to do workouts.

The following list mentions some of the best home-based workouts that you could do to have bigger and more muscular biceps. These exercises may or may not use dumbbells or other weights, and these exercises may be added to other bodyweight training routines for the best results.

1.Side Planks

2. Plank Up-Down

3. Pull-Ups

4. Chin Ups

5. Curls

6. Wall Handstand

7. Single-arm dumbbell preacher curl

8. Dumbbell hammer curl

9. Incline dumbbell curl

Please check with your trainer about the exercises, their reps, and combinations before proceeding with any of them.

How to Get Bigger Biceps at Home?

5 Expert Rules to build stronger biceps at home with or without dumbbells

Building muscles for your biceps (or triceps) cannot be a subset of your other fitness exercises. These are specialized muscles that are a mirror or benchmark of how good your fitness levels are. You would also find professionals and experts comparing their biceps regularly to gauge their progress.

You can do the above-mentioned workouts at home to build your forearms, biceps, and triceps. The best thing is that you won’t need to devote too much time or attention to these focused workouts. While triceps do take some time to develop as compared to biceps, the time required for both of them is still less than getting results for other muscular parts of your body like abs or thighs.

Here are some simple rules that you can follow to get those well-toned forearms, biceps, and triceps faster at home:

Target your back muscles

The biceps are a small muscle group compared to the other muscles in the body. Before focusing on them, you should target the bigger muscles like those of the back. These workouts involve arms and shoulder muscles too. If you tire out your biceps first, your back will never get the attention it needs.

No less than 8 reps

To get leaner muscles faster, curl-based exercises are the most obvious option. You may do them with a pair of dumbbells or kettlebells, these are small but weighted equipment that you can use to exercise properly. We would ask you to consult your trainer to buy the dumbbells of the correct weight though.

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You can do these workouts by holding weights in your hands and bending your elbows to bring your hands closer to your shoulders. You may also do this by simply stretching your hands laterally by holding the weights on either side. These movements require single joint working but you should use weight appropriately.

Caution: If you try to go too heavy, you’ll have to swing the weight with your hips or lower back, taking the tension off your arms and increasing the risk of injury. It is advised that when you are aiming to train your biceps, use a weight that allows you to do at least 8-15 reps.

Weight moderation is the key

Controlling the speed of your reps is important because if you let the weight down too fast, the muscles relax and won’t grow. We recommend you try the 1-2-3 tempo. In this, you should take one second to curl the weight to the top position, squeeze your biceps for two seconds, and then take three seconds to lower the weight back to the starting position to get the best muscles!

Tip: Some people use heavyweights but sling them up and let them fall back to the starting position. This is an incorrect practice and may cause injuries.

Take the challenge

Focus hard on your biceps by moving the weight and squeezing your muscles at the top of every rep, which will make the muscles work overtime and make every set more contributive towards your goal. To take it further, try squeezing your biceps even when you are lowering the weight.

Be careful as this method is likely to make you extra sore. The same would hold for your forearm workouts too. Going for lighter weights would not help you have any benefits with fitness while lifting too heavy weights can hurt you and may even cause a fracture.

Tip: If you experience pain in your shoulders when lifting an arm or weights, chances are you have done something wrong. You should consult a doctor promptly.

Try Different Wrist positions

Doing the same curls every day can be a boring task. To spice up your workout session try various wrist positions like supinated (palms-up), pronated (palms-down), and neutral (palms-facing) often. Changing the grips will also help in targeting the bicep muscles in different ways, as well as work smaller forearm muscles that can make your arms look bigger.

Some Popular Forearm Workouts That You Can Do at Home

Forearms are the first thing you associate with wrestling professionals and heavyweight lifters. These experts have some of the most attractive and well-built forearms, and there are no wonders why people flock to them.

If you too are looking forward to building some attractive forearms for yourself, you can start from your home. The key is to mark a few days every week for your arms (like your forearms, biceps, triceps, and shoulder muscles).

Here’s how you can build forearms at home using dumbbells:

1. Grip Crush

2. Palms Up Twist Curl

3. Palms Down Twist Curl

You could also try some other exercises like Behind-The-Back Cable Curl, Towel Cable Curl, Pushups, Pullups, Forearm Walk, Fingertip Pushups, etc.

Online Fitness Training

Consult an online fitness coach for on-demand, personalized, and virtual training sessions at home

We have already cautioned you against using improper weights and guidance for weight loss and strength training. You should also note that if you are short on time or resources, you should opt for online fitness training sessions. This would help you have pinpointed guidance for your exact fitness issues and you may choose to avail of this help as and when you’d like.

If you are an experienced fitness expert, we welcome you to try this new software-based approach to offer video-conferencing sessions on your smartphone for your clients. You can help them work out at their home or in a gym under your guidance so they may have a personalized and effective workout session.

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Start with at-Home Workouts to Build Bigger Biceps

You might think that no equipment workouts are of no good- and this is not correct. You can see the proof in these pandemic times when people are hesitant to go to gyms and fitness studios. If you are looking to burn your excess body fat (or visceral fat) into lean muscles and a stronger core, you should go for fitness regimes after consulting the best experts from around the world.

Building stronger biceps takes patience and the rules mentioned above. You should use lighter weights, lift the weight slowly, change wrist positions, and more but these efforts will be worth it when you will be bursting out of your shirtsleeves and asking “who’s got the strongest biceps?”

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