Coach Abunaw Ose: Getting Muay Thai and MMA Fighters Prepared

Coach Abunaw Ose: Getting Muay Thai and MMA Fighters Prepared

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Guest Intro

We're excited to introduce you to Coach Ose Abunaw, who teaches various martial arts forms within MevoLife. You can book Coach Ose here.

Ose, you’re a man for all seasons: a software developer by day and a fitness entrepreneur in your “free time.” You also just happen to be a pro mixed martial artist.

How do you have time to eat? Just kidding.

In all seriousness, we’re excited to share your story and insights with other aspiring fitness entrepreneurs and let them know where they can grab your merch.

Now let’s get to the good stuff:

Q: Tell us a little bit about your journey into mixed martial arts…what interested you in pursuing it? How did you get started?

I grew up watching Kung Fu movies as a kid which greatly influenced my love for martial arts. 

As an adult, once I realized you could just walk into a martials arts gym and start training, I was hooked. I started my martial arts journey while in college.

Q: What individual martial arts skills do you train? What belts have you acquired?

I train Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai. I am a purple in Jiu Jitsu and a black belt in Muay Thai.

What individual martial arts skills do you train? What belts have you acquired?

Q: As your skills developed, you started entering tournaments. Tell us a little bit about that transition from more of a novice to a professional…How did you know that was the right path for you?

The good thing about competing in martial arts is that you get the opportunity as a novice to test the scary waters of actually being in a fight and start to see how your training keeps you safe. 

If you have been doing the right things as a novice by autocorrecting from failures, then as a professional it almost becomes another exciting dance routine. 

I knew this was the right path for me because no matter how much mental and physical stress training puts on me I still look forward to it…it has basically become a healthy addiction.

Q: You talk about the mental side of fighting in your teaching: managing adrenaline and breathing patterns. What advice would you give an aspiring martial artist looking to take it to the next level?

Just like any other profession, absorbing information and knowledge leads to growth/success while the lack of information creates stagnation/job loss….but in martial arts the lack of information can have more intense consequences as one can get really hurt. 

So my advice would be to insert yourself amongst those who are truly passionate about their art and learn from them.

Q: Training is a constant in your life these days, but getting ready for a fight is a big deal. Let’s say you’ve officially signed a contract for a fight around the corner. What’s your ritual, routine? Diet? How do you know you’re ready?

Once I sign a fight contract, the first thing that normally happens to me immediately is I start experiencing sweaty palms. This means I have to get comfortable mentally with the fact that I have to defend myself and I have to hurt someone. 

Then I proceed to do some light research on my opponent to get some metadata to start drawing a gameplan around this data to make information. 

I normally eat clean during the week and eat bad on the weekends if I must..but after a contract is signed I eat clean all week long. Mostly protein and some good carbs. I often don't want to dedicate that much thought to food while in camp so I end up eating the same thing frequently. 

I know I am ready by watching my sparring videos and seeing my focus and techniques being executed.

Q: True mastery of something is attained when you’re able to teach it. You’ve been teaching both in-person and coaching online. Tell us about your classes…What types of people should work with you? What are they looking to get from your classes?

I love the intro sentence and it’s absolutely true. I teach in person at Gwinnett Training Academy and the classes I teach are Muay Thai and MMA. 

While one (Muay thai) teaches you the art of using your eight limbs (hands, elbows, knees and shins) to strike, the other (MMA) teaches you how to be spatially aware of your body in grappling situations. 

I work with athletes who have decided to become professional martial artists and look to get combat training infromation, and individuals who just want to learn how to defend themselves….which is a huge confidence booster.

 What type of commitment is required from a student to make progress?

Q: What type of commitment is required from a student to make progress?

The growth type of commitment. The commitment to hold yourself accountable and not quit. The commitment to have an open mind to learn. The commitment to humility and discipline. I coach habit formation.

Q: When we first connected about MevoLife’s platform, you mentioned you were excited about the all-in-one nature of the coaching platform. How were you managing your fitness business prior? How many pieces of software were you using? What were some of your frustrations?

I have not really found any software to handle my coaching schedules. I am using a combination of my phone calendar, Calendly, text messages, social media, etc. 

It’s frustrating having to go between all the different platforms and things often get missed or double booked.

Q: Not that you don’t have enough going on, but you also have an athletic clothing brand: Talented Reflexes. Some celebrities are even wearing it. Tell us about that? Who is your clothing for? Where can someone pick up some new gear?

The Brand Talented Reflexes represents a culture, a way of life, a commitment to hold yourself accountable as you work to unleash the athlete within. The clothing is for anyone who fits into what the brand symbolizes…and that's why we have UFC champions like Jon Jones and Alex Pereira wearing the brand. You can start being part of the brand by visiting the Talented Reflexes website.

Q: For all the other fitness entrepreneurs out there, any advice you want to share that we haven’t already covered?

Yes. Become part of the Talented Reflexes brand….it represents YOU.

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