Yoga Poses for Max Benefits in the Least Time

“Be here now. Be someplace else later. Is that so complicated?”

This three-liner nicely sums up the situation for all of us and all Yoga experts out there. This ancient practice of meditation offers you a calm and personal zone where you could stay away from all the stress and mental gymnastics. It also offers you flexibility across your physical, emotional, and psychological identities so you could live life fuller and better.

With Yoga playing such a vital role in our lives, everyone should switch to it for its amazing list of benefits. In the same line of positives, we are offering you a list of the best yoga poses that you could consider doing today!

Best Yoga Poses

Best Yoga Poses

Poses or asanas form the basis of all meditation exercises in Yoga. These poses arise from different objectives and they offer different benefits and results. For example, you can consider the yoga poses for back pain and daily yoga routine poses for weight loss.

For those who are yet to switch to it, this ancient meditation technique offers some easy asanas for pin-pointed objectives. Here are some of those easy to do yoga poses:

1. Surya Namaskar (the Sun salutation)

2. Tadasana (the Tree Pose)

3. Utkatasana (the Chair Pose)

4. Sirsasana (Headstand)

5. Halasana (the Plough Pose)

6. Bhujangasana (the Snake Pose)

7. Dhanurasana (the Bow Pose)

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Online Yoga Teacher Training

Online Yoga Teacher Training

They say that ‘experience is the best teacher but an experienced teacher is still better.’ Yoga is a highly evolved form of meditation that should only be first learned under expert supervision and then switched to be done alone. Missing out on this crucial step would make your asanas faulty and worse, harmful. You could derive the same loss from Yoga exercises as you could from working out improperly in a gym-based environment.

This is just where an Online Yoga Expert can help you get the best of the deal. As an experienced professional, he knows the “uneasiness” of being a beginner and he would thus help you understand the deal from the basics. You can ride on his expertise to sail through the early tough period to become used to this ancient meditation technique.

Here are some of the benefits that you can avail of by pursuing online yoga teacher training:

1. Flexibility to take guidance from your preferred trainer

2. All you would need is a smartphone and data connectivity

3. 24x7 availability

4. Personalized guidance

5. Customized programs and yoga asanas for your specific issue(s)

6. Affordable

7. Your time, your money, your space

8. An online community of like-minded people

9. On-demand access

10. Fast and easy

Best Online Yoga Experience

Best Online Yoga Experience

For the best experience, it is highly recommended that you follow some simple yet important steps. Yoga takes a lot of discipline and will power to start and to continue, and you would almost always people who just gave it up when they were required to only press harder.

Here are some simple steps that you could take during your live online yoga classes:

1. Find the right teacher

2. Discuss your expectations with him or her

3. Be consistent

4. Show up on the date and time promised

5. Use proper Active Wear

6. Buy a good quality Yoga Mat

7. Learn and practice asanas

8. Stay safe, know your limits

9. Always start your sessions with Pranayam and conclude it with Savasana

10. The most important thing is to stay away from any stress and temptation during your meditation

11. Repeat

Can You Do Yoga Online for Free?

Can You Do Yoga Online For Free?

Yes, you can get started with a free trial. MevoLife offers you a free trial of all its Virtual Health Services (including those with Online Yoga Masters) so you could make up your mind and acclimatize yourself with its benefits.

All you would need to get started today would be your smartphone, data connectivity, MevoLife app, and a valid user account. This would be over and above a desire to transform yourself both physically and spiritually, and it would always be worth it!