What Are Some Effective Facial Exercises?

What Are Some Effective Facial Exercises?

Smiling faces are always beautiful. They help us reach out to the sunshine around us and feel their warmth. No matter what your age is, if you smile, you make yourself feel and look a lot younger and you also transpose this prism of happiness to make this world a beautiful place. Smiles have a distinct mind-melting wavelength of their own.

They fly high and beautiful and royal like an eagle who has launched itself from a perched branch into the skies above to offer a magnificent view to the subjects below. A mirthful smile emanates from a face that has had its quota of sunshine and is willing to share it with others in close tandem. And the more beautiful that face feels about itself, the better the story turns out to be!

The key idea is to feel beautiful about oneself and if so be it, what could be better than overstepping the bar with a few easy facial exercises? Dubbed as some of the most effective facial exercises today, they would help you have a softer, more supple, and responsive skin minus wrinkles.

We have brought to you a ton of simple facial exercises that you do in your leisure time and still reap amazing benefits straightaway.

How Can I Strengthen My Face Muscles?

How can I strengthen my face muscles?

It’s as easy as 1-2-3. We recommend you commit yourself to a 15 minutes exercise regime two to three times a day. These exercises are easy and won’t take a large setup to perform and you can do them in your home or office too. We shall take their details a little while from now.

As a bonus, we shall also take up a few home remedies that you could use to further tighten and strengthen your facial muscles. These would act as a helping hand to all the exercises that we shall mention subsequently. These home remedies shall also help you tighten your jawline, and would also help you lift your face naturally.

Exercises to Tighten Your Facial Skin

Yes, it’s time to get that sunny smile of yours in the full bloom. We are offering a list of several easy, two-minute exercises that you could start with to do wonders to your facial skin and jawline. Persisting with them would help the local muscles tighten up, get more blood circulation, and help you be more confident with yourself.

These exercises are equally beneficial for men and women of all age groups and do not take any more than 15 minutes at a time. Besides, most of them can be done even while sitting in the comfort of your drawing room on a sofa or even while driving a car (provided you keep your focus intact).

Please note that we have segregated the exercises for jowls, sagging cheeks, eyes, and jawline but have put them all in one consolidated section below.

Here is the list of those effective facial exercises:

Here is the list of those effective facial exercises:
    •  Facial exercises for jowls

    •  Face exercises for sagging cheeks

    •  Facial exercises for eyes

  •  Face exercises for jawline

Let’s get started with each of them in detail.

Facial exercises for jowls

There are some facial exercises for jowls and marionette lines that you can do at your pace and place. These would only require you preferably standing in front of a mirror and then doing the following exercise:

    •  Make an ‘O’ shape with your lips

    •  Wrap your lips around your teeth.

    •  Stretch them to make a smiling face.

  •  Now try opening and closing your mouth by keeping your lips around your teeth.

Should you feel a bit tired, it means that you are doing it the right way. You might also want to pinch your skin gently with two fingers above and one thumb below your jawlines for the best results.

Facial exercises for sagging cheeks

Facial exercises for sagging cheeks

If you’re looking to know how you can strengthen your face muscles, maybe you should start with an easy facial exercise for cheeks. It is called ‘Eye-Firming Cheek Plumper’ and here’s how you may do it:

    •  Place your fingers between your lower eyelashes and cheekbones.

    •  Tighten your feel by keeping your fingers in place.

    •  Now squeeze your cheeks in a way that they get towards your eyes, but keeping your fingers firmly in place.

  •  Repeat this exercise three times with three sets in each.

If you’re looking for any exercise that could get your sagging cheeks in place, this might be the best one for you to go ahead with. You could also try the Cheekbone Lift exercise for better results.

    •  Put your index and middle fingers of either hand firmly on your cheeks.

    •  Now gently stretch your cheeks upwards and try to hold them there.

  • Hold for fifteen seconds per set. Make three sets of each exercise.

Note: It is incredibly better if you could also make an ‘O’ shape with your lips, as explained in ‘facial exercises for jowls’ in #1 above. We suggest you do it immediately after you have done the first step in this exercise.

Facial exercises for eyes

Facial exercises for eyes

Eyes are our mirror into the wide world ahead of us. If you are looking to get rid of wrinkles, loose skin, nasolabial folds, droopy eyelids, and crow’s feet, this facial exercise for eyes can do wonders for you.

  •  Exercise for crow’s feet:

Focus on the part of your nose between the two eyes. Put your middle finger on either side there and then use your index fingers on the extremes of your eyes. Now stretch the two fingers away from each other. Repeat for 15 seconds.

  •  Exercise for droopy eyelids, wrinkles, and loose skin

This exercise is easy but you should be careful while doing it. Stand in front of a mirror and use your index fingers to touch the upper sockets of your eyes. Now stretch your fingers upwards and close your eyes. Repeat this several times a day.

Face exercises for jawline

A sharp jawline is something people identify with celebrities and gym-toned physiques. Supposing you are neither a celebrity nor you have a gym-toned body, we suggest you do this easy face exercise for your jawline so you too could have well-defined features.

    •  Jaw Flex exercise:

The easy way to do is to move your head 90 degrees vertical and look directly at the ceiling. Now bring your lower lip over your upper lip and try to keep it there for some time. This would be a bit painful for the first time but you would soon get used to it.

  •  Jaw Release exercise:

Try to stick out your lower jaw while keeping your mouth closed. Lift your lower lip until you start feeling it beneath your chin. Stay there as long as you can and then revert to your original position.

These exercises are all meant to offer you some insights into how you can make it all count through some easy but highly effective facial exercises. We are now taking up some easy home remedies that you could use to make the effect more lasting.

Home Remedies That Prevent Wrinkles under Your Eyes

Home remedies that prevent wrinkles under your eyes

Mother Nature has endowed us with several benefits and the one central to them is fruits and vegetables. Wrinkles and other skin-related issues near our eyes are the results of an imbalance between our energy requirements and our dietary habits. This also includes proper assimilation of water in our blood circulation because a lack of hydration only makes the matters worse.

Quitting unhealthy eating habits and foods is the easiest way to get back on track. Staying away from junk foods, soda, alcoholic drinks, and other unhealthy practices would help you stay fit. You should thus go for healthy foods and drinks like green vegetables, fish, eggs, milk and dairy products, fruits, oatmeal, lemonade, and juices.

Along with these anti-aging diet foods, you should also consider an application of healthy oils to your skin so that it could get the requisite hydration, proteins, and vitamins that it so deeply needs every day. You could choose from the oils of rosemary, mustard, castor, almond, coconut, and olive to get started with a massage.

This would also increase blood circulation and would also make your skin more radiant. Oils also remove extra water from under the skin to reduce puffiness and thus make it look healthier.

Eating Avocados and applying lemon juice or ginger juice on the dark circles beneath your eyes will also help. Lemon and ginger have a high concentration of Vitamin C and B3 respectively, and a direct application of these two home remedies on the skin is beneficial to treat skin blemishes like crow’s feet and dark circles.

Do These Facial Exercises Really Work?

Do these facial exercises really work?

Oh yes, they do! When you commit yourself to one or more facial exercises at selected intervals of a day, you are setting yourself up for a new and more confident self. These exercises would tone your local muscles and skin and would increase the blood circulation when done over a considerable period of time. The key is to remain committed to and consistent with them.

Should you be wondering about how long do facial exercises take to work, it is worth recounting that these are all low-intensity workouts and they might take up to three to four weeks to show visible results. This is further based on the premise that you pursue these exercises for at least half an hour per day for seven days a week.

Get Ready with Some of These Highly Effective Facial Exercises Today!

Mark Twain once remarked, “the secret to getting ahead is to get started.” Starting with these easy facial exercises would help you get on the race track with your jogging shoes on, and with some consistency and confidence, you too can get some better results from them.

Through this blog post, we have offered you a wide range of exercises that you could choose from and make a difference to yourself starting today. We sincerely hope you stick to them and make it count in your favor, starting today!