Weight-Loss Rules & Tricks You’ll Love to Follow!

Weight-Loss Rules & Tricks You’ll Love to Follow!

Weight loss is a time taking process which requires a lot of hard work and sacrifices. To lose weight & stay fit, you have to train consistently, have a balanced diet, and be careful with a lot of other minute things. When you commit to weight loss you make a promise with yourself to lead a healthier life and each step is just a new push to reach to the next level.

Though there isn’t a quick fix for faster weight loss, you can still make sure that the efforts you are doing are right and effective to get the desired results. What if I told you there are some incredibly simple rules and tricks to kick start or rev up your weight loss plan? Not fad diets. Not insane workouts. Just some very clever ways to trick your brain. Hard to believe?

Today we have got some of the best fitness rules and tricks facilitate and boost up your weight loss process –

Have a Consistent Routine

Have a Consistent Routine

Losing weight is not just about the physical transformation the process is equally emotional too. People tend to lose motivation when the results are not visible as per their expectations. What you need to understand is that everybody’s body has a different pattern and some people take longer than others to shed off those pounds.

Simply be consistent and honest about your efforts and the results are bound to follow. Set realistic goals and stick to your training routines even if you don’t see immediate results!

Set up New Challenges for Yourself

The process of weight loss is not that easy as the journey involves a lot of hard work and consistent challenges for oneself to actually see the results. Evaluate your daily/weekly routine and make sure that you are including exercises that are challenging for your body.

It is important to understand that if you are using 10-pound dumbbells for bicep curls even though it’s easy for you, it will not make any contribution to your weight loss. Though the new challenges won’t be easy but allowing yourself to be as good as you can is totally worth it.

Train Insane

Train Insane

Grabbing weights and going in for strength training is a simple move to have significant weight-loss benefits. Training with weights is a must even if you are engaging yourself in something as simple as walking. Once you engage yourself in weight lifting with smaller goals; heavy traditional lifts down the line like deadlifts and pull-ups will become easy.

Slow & Steady Wins the Race

You are really eager to see the weight loss results because of which you might take too much too soon. A good workout routine will be 4 sessions per week. Don’t get overwhelmed rather opt for effective ways that will actually help you in accomplishing your goals.

Try to engage yourself in activities that you enjoy like dance sessions, workout classes when you’re not at the gym. Further, make sure the four days that you commit to your workout, you commit to yourself and you really put in the hard work required!

Don’t Take Too Much Stress about Exercise

Don’t take too much stress about exercise

Exercising is really important for weight loss, but believe us if you miss a session because you have to travel for work or can’t fit it into your already busy schedule, that’s OK. Don’t stress if you miss a session as you’re still on track. Stay happy and focused and don’t disregard a day and give up on your plan just because you missed your workout.

Recovery Is Important Too

It’s good to be competitive with friends and family and aim for higher goals, but it is important to consider that you don’t let anybody’s workout plan interfere with yours. Everybody is different and everyone has different goals that require different training regimes.

To maximize the benefit of your workouts, it’s important to take time to recover fully — so don’t feel bad for taking a day or two off! This allows your body to rest and prevent injuries plus it ensures that your workouts are being executed at a quality level. We all know quality wins over quantity.

Eat Using Smaller Dinnerware:

Eat using smaller dinnerware

Ever noticed the size of plates at a buffet is often smaller than a la carte? It’s a way for restaurants to cut costs and reduce food wastage. Our brains perceive the same amount of food served in a smaller plate or bowl as substantial. Large plates make the same serving of food look smaller.

It’s an optical illusion that’s very effective in tricking our brain into believing we’ve eaten more than we actually have. You can put this trick to use at home. Eat healthy foods like salads in larger plates. Eat desserts in smaller bowls. Use tall thin glasses for high-calorie drinks.

Be a Leftie at the Movies:

Are you one of those people that can’t enjoy a movie without digging into a bag of popcorn? You’re not hungry, the popcorn is stale, but you eat it out of habit. Try eating with your non-dominant hand. You’ll find it slows you down considerably and the amount of buttery salty popcorn you eat is substantially less.

Switch off the Idiot Box:

Switch off the idiot box

Are your mealtimes centered around the television? This is a distraction that can easily lead to overeating. Your brain is so wired with the images and sounds from the TV that it does not perceive a sense of satiety and you end up chomping down on food without stopping when you’re full. Instead, make mealtimes all about the food. Relish what you’re eating without distractions.

Go Grocery Shopping When You’re Stuffed:

You’re more likely to buy unhealthy, sugar-loaded, calorie-dense food when you’re hungry. Do your grocery shopping after a heavy meal. It’s easier to exercise your willpower and buy only healthy food when you’re feeling full. This will mean there are no unhealthy snacks to reach out for at home. You can’t eat what’s not there.

Mirror, Mirror on the (Kitchen) Wall:

Mirror, mirror on the (kitchen) wall

Something as simple as a mirror on your refrigerator or in your kitchen can influence your eating habits. Seeing your reflecting just as you’re about to reach for the cream cheese can be the signal your brain needs to stop and make a healthier choice.

Before Goodbye

If you want to lose weight and keep it off, you’ll have to try every trick in the book. These are five easy to implement tips, but they’re not going to work in isolation – diet and exercise will have to part of the plan.