The Effect of Making Yourself a Brand (as a Fitness Trainer)

The Effect of Making Yourself a Brand (as a Fitness Trainer)

When you get your first online client, you see a warm smile stretched across the face on your phone. You introduce yourself and chat. To you, that is the ideal client. See, finding a former dancer and gymnast is not always possible, but admittedly, a person who is capable of physical activity is the best deal.

You begin your session with basic assessments and determine how we should move forward. Right! What is that? No guesses! It's a change. A beautiful one. We will discuss the changes that making yourself a brand (A fitness trainer) will bring in you.

Well, we appreciate not having to erase any former methodologies and not having to explain why you do things differently than the magazines or charts. Just like any profession, personal trainers stretch over a large spectrum of ideas, practices, certifications, and knowledge bases. And as with any other career, it’s up to us to determine how to put our skills to practice.

See, there is no secret formula for acquiring more personal training clients for your business, but you can be most successful by using a multifaceted approach. In other words, a variety of techniques will likely work better than the use of only one or two methods.

A Fitness Brand in the Making: New Fitness Church

A Fitness Brand In The Making: New Fitness Church

Word of mouth is powerful advertising, so be devoted to your clients and give them your best. In addition to your professional expertise, don't overlook the personal aspects of the equation. Being friendly, passionate, and enthusiastic will go a long way in garnering you happy and loyal customers.

Since your steady clients understand the importance of getting fit and are already sold on you as a personal trainer, asking them for referrals can be a good move. Inviting your customers to bring along a friend for their first few training periods can also lead to sign-ups. Provide an incentive such as a free session for every person referred to you.

Small Changes For Long Haul: Fitness Branding

As an expert on fitness, you have a wealth of information that clients would find interesting. Contributing articles to local magazines or fitness websites can position you as a true fitness authority. If you live in a small town, your local newspaper may even be interested in allowing you to write an "Ask the Fitness Expert" column, where you answer questions from readers.

Sending a weekly email to clients and prospects where you talk about various fitness topics can also make you appear to be an authority. Your content could involve helpful tips such as how to deal with lower back pain, or how to avoid exercise-related injuries. Always include a great promotional offer in the emails.

A Fitness Trainer Making Way in the Business World

A Fitness Trainer Making Way In the Business World

You can advertise a free one-week trial, and then make sure those who sign up for it have a great experience. Some people may be interested in getting a personal trainer but wonder if it will be worth the time and expense. This is an opportunity for them to test the waters, as well as a chance for you to show how you can help them.

When clients have injuries or medical issues that need a chiropractor or a sports physician's care, refer them to the appropriate professional. Afterward, ask the health practitioner to help you develop an exercise program for them. This working relationship gives you credibility while helping to safeguard the health of your clients.

Ask Yourself about Your Identity: Make That a Brand!

Ask Yourself About Your Identity: Make That A Brand!

People who ask around for a personal trainer want to know what kind of experience others have had with you. When you know your clients are delighted with your services, ask them for a testimonial to post on your website. Such comments can carry a lot of weight.

You can create brochures and business cards that list your areas of expertise. You could ask owners of wellness businesses like athletic stores or health food stores if you can leave a stack at their checkout counter. Keep some cards on your person at all times, so you can hand them out when you encounter people who could be potential prospects.

Before Goodbye

You can pick up great pointers from virtual communities. Think about joining personal trainer forums so you can find out what techniques have worked for others. With diligent effort, you can establish your fitness brand. Just remember, a great personal brand takes some time and effort to create, but in the end it’s definitely worth it.

Done right, your personal brand will result in clients being attracted to your authenticity and interested in your expertise.