Myths About Pre and Post-Workout Foods

Myths About Pre and Post-Workout Foods

There are three basic components of a sound fitness regime- planned workouts, recommended diet, and unflinching discipline. You would almost always find professionals near you who have been very good any two of them but they often give up on the third. The issue arises when they don’t admit their fault. Usually, it is their diet that bears the brunt of their inconsistency.

We are offering this blog to explain just how much it is important to stick to a proper diet both before and after a workout. We shall take you through some of the most popular myths that overrun the schedules and mentality of several fitness professionals, and we recommend that you check if you too are making a mistake.

Myths About Pre-Workout Foods

A pre-workout meal is important because it recharges your body and swings your metabolism process into overdrive. This is specifically true for people working out in the early morning because this is the time when your body is an acute need of some energy and should you go to work out with an empty stomach, you would soon see that it has taken a toll on you. You would start feeling giddy, tired, and sleepy- and your entire workout plan would be compromised.

1. I should start with sugary stuff and eggs

I should start with sugary stuff and eggs

No, our body always starts burning off sugar first, and then it goes to fats. We always have some sugar stored in our liver and bloodstream and this is anyways used first.

2. I should take high protein

This is a big no-no if you are a sugar patient. Should you take something like whey protein (as a high concentrate of protein intake), you would trigger a higher rush of insulin in your body. This would hamper the burning of fat.

3. Oatmeal and blueberries are good.

Indeed they are. This one is not a myth. They have complex carbohydrates and antioxidants that help your body recover faster from workouts. They also hasten the repair process of cell damage.

4. Have a protein shake and some bananas right before you workout

No. Ideally you should give your liver some time to take the nutrients out of your meal, like something around 30 minutes. Otherwise eating won’t make any difference.

Please note that your workout should reflect your fitness goals. For example, if it is about putting on some weight, you should rather go for the best pre-workout meal for muscle gain. Your trainer can help you with it.

Myths About Post-Workout Foods

Myths about Post-Workout Foods

Something as specific as a post-workout meal for weight loss often starts with you making a conscious choice to stay away from sugary and fast foods. It also means that you might often have to work out a bit more to burn your flab, especially when it is for a specific occasion like a birthday or a wedding.

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Eating some cake won’t make a difference

Yes, but it would make your willpower weaker. Weight loss is not about just picking up weights but is also about how you abstain from indulgence. An ideal post-workout meal for weight loss won’t make a difference if you are not disciplined enough.

I’d rather take a smoothie than water

Really? Water forms 65% of your body’s composition and the least you can do is to hydrate yourself properly once you are done with your workouts. Taking some glucose with water is highly recommended.

Why should I eat if I had enough carbs just the last night?

Why should I eat if I had enough carbs just the last night?

This is one of the most popular bodybuilding meal timing myths. People think that just because they took some rich carbs the last night, they should not end their workout with one too.

There could be some specific conditions that would require you to eat more after a workout, especially when you are recovering from an illness or are working out to gain some weight. We recommend you get in touch with an on-demand online fitness trainer to understand what works best for you.

What to Eat Before or After Workout to Build Muscle?

How to get the most of your workouts?

There is a huge resource online that you could pursue to understand what an ideal diet should look like. We recommend that you check it out and also get in touch with a professional to guide you to the best results. He is the best person to let you know as to what you should eat even 30 minutes before a workout, and that he will also guide you in the process of working out in a better way than you have been used to.