Kale Mushroom Salad

Kale Mushroom Salad

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Nia 10 Jan, 2022

Kale Mushroom Salad is a super healthy snack you can have with lunch or before lunch. The method of this recipe is so easy and it prepares in less time.


1 cup shredded kale

¼ cup chopped shiitake mushrooms

2 tbsp golden raisins

1 tbsp chopped cashews

¼ cup alfalfa sprouts

3 oz silken tofu

Fresh lemon juice


1. Combine kale, mushrooms, golden raisins, cashews, alfalfa sprouts and silken tofu in a bowl.

2. Top with lemon juice for dressing, if desired.

Serves 1

Nutritional Info

Calories 211kcal, Fat 7g, Carbs 31g, Protein 11g.