Is Face Yoga Worth Trying?

We all know what Yoga can do. Face Yoga is an exclusive set of meditation exercises that help you in getting a better shape of your face. This can especially come to help you if you have some unwanted flab on your face or if you are plagued with double chins, raised eyebrows, droopy eyelids, saggy neck, and chubby cheeks.

Face Yoga is safe, natural, and well worth trying as an alternative to Plastic and Botox surgeries and surely does save a few grands of your savings too. Facial Yoga is a natural and radically improvised method of exercises that tones your facial muscles and skin to make you look and feel a lot younger.

It also treats other issues like loose or hanging skin, wrinkles, dark circles, crow’s feet, and dullness to offer you radiant and healthier skin.

Benefits of Face Yoga

Benefits of Face Yoga

Should you be wondering about its benefits, Facial Yoga is well worth a shot any day. Yoga is an ancient set of practices that elevate the physical, mental, and spiritual identity of a person to a higher plane of positivity. Yoga comprises several core asanas (or specific body postures and exercises) that could be done while standing, reclining, inverted, twisted, balanced, or in a combination of postures.

When projected on the face, it becomes a special discipline of this meditative science and is called Facial Yoga. It has a lot of physical and cosmetic benefits like toned facial features and pronounced jawlines, cheeks, and eyebrows. Its persistent application takes care of puffy or flabby cheeks, double chins, crow feet, wrinkles, and so many blemishes at zero cost.

Here are some of the most important benefits of face yoga:

    •  It is natural and requires little to no guidance

    •  It slows down the effects of aging

    •  It reduces nasal folds and laughter lines

    •  It has no side-effects (like plastic surgery and Botox, or other medicines may have)

    •  It increases the production of collagen, the natural protein that provides elasticity to our skin

    •  It relieves signs of stress and malaise

    •  It improves blood circulation

    •  It may resist cervical spondylitis

    •  It is scientifically proven

  •  It doesn’t cost a thing

When done appropriately under qualified guidance, Yoga is the best way to get to a more confident version of yourself. It calms you down and makes you more appreciative of your natural gifts. Persisting with it makes your skin agile and flexible and helps you have a better blood circulation to rejuvenate it. The two observations work in close tandem to offer more holistic and comprehensive benefits.

“How Do I Shape My Face Naturally?”

“How do I shape my face naturally?”

This is an excellent question to begin with. Several aspects of face yoga deal with a realization of the immediate issues that your facial skin is plagued with and then figuring out a set of exercises that neutralize the malefic effects.

There are several simple exercises to sharpen the shape of one’s face. They relate to different parts like eyes, eyebrows, forehead, cheek, and neck specifically. Let’s say you are interested in shaping your face in a natural and effortless way and so you should pursue the exercises for face slimming. You could start by getting some flab or wrinkles out of your way first and then jumping on to making your improved facial features more prominent.

Here are some face yoga exercises for face slimming:

Fish or Pout Face:

When was the last time you made a pout? Must be during a selfie and if so, you now have a free license to make another one right now. Be sure to make an ‘8’ with your lips by sucking either side of your cheeks inwards. The Fish Face stretches facial cheek bones and muscles besides increasing blood circulation in the lips.

Mouthwash Pose:

Mouthwash Pose:

You remember to freshen up your mouth with a mint gargle every day after you are done with your toothbrush. This exercise is just that, minus the water and mouthwash. Take in some air and try the same thing you do with your mouthwash. Repeat for a few minutes.

Baby Bird:

To get a firm chin and jawline, Baby Bird is an obvious and easy option. Sit or stand bolt upright and slowly raise your head to 90-degree to look directly at the ceiling. Now drop your jaw as if a baby bird is taking food and close it gradually. Repeat the same exercises with left- and right-sided orientations too.

Lion Pose:

As one of the most difficult exercises for face slimming, Lion Pose is a cure-all remedy for all facial wrinkles and other blemishes. Lie on your stomach and raise yourself from the midriff and use your hands to provide you some support. Stick your tongue out after you have aligned yourself 45-degree to the horizontal and then exhale like a lion.

PS: If you are looking for some quick fixes like ‘how can I slim my face in a week’, this blog may not be the right place for you. Yoga is a holistic and time-intensive process that provides results based on consistency and discipline. While you may get some easy practice during the first week, it won’t magically cure you of your skin-related issues.

Yoga for Face and Neck

Yoga for Face and Neck

It is the easiest one of the lot. Tilt your head to 90-degrees vertical and slowly start blowing out kisses to the ceiling. This would cause your neck muscles to stretch and get in shape faster.

Swan neck:

Tilt your neck to the left and right but stay at either direction for at least 20 seconds. Try focusing on an object in a way that your neckbone starts feeling some pressure up to the ears. Try not to overdo this exercise when you are just starting up.

Giraffe position:

Put your fingers on your collarbone and gently lift your face like a giraffe would raise it to eat some leaves from a tree. Stay in this position for some time and repeat it.

Doing yoga for the face and neck would put your skin offer more qualified resistance to maladies and time-related effects. The key idea behind doing this yoga is to release any negativity that you are holding inside your skin and to rejuvenate your skin.

Facial Exercises for Eyes

Facial exercises for eyes

It is imperative to consider eyes as an integral part of your fitness regime too, especially when you are looking for more comprehensive treatment for your physical being. You should also understand that caring for your eyes would also take care of your eyebrows, eyelids, sockets, and the part immediately below the eyes.

These are where the maximum number of wrinkles, crow feet, and discolouration happen and it would be worthwhile to have your task cut out even before you get to the business. We have written a blogpost wherein you could go through some simple facial exercises for your eyes.

It is comprehensive enough to offer a prized insight into how you should approach the delicate topic of facial yoga. It also offers qualified guidance on how you may decide which yoga is best for beautiful face shape and just how you may shape your face naturally through face yoga. We strongly recommend you check it out today!

Does Face Yoga Really Work?

Does Face Yoga really work?

Yes, it does!

Face Yoga depends unilaterally on a silent but potent combination of consistency and discipline to deliver positive results in per unit time. It also requires a smart and strategic plan of a nutritious diet that should comprise vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates, and minerals.

You should also rely a great deal on water and fruits to keep yourself hydrated and to keep your skin tanked with natural sugars (glucose and fructose) at all times. Doing face yoga may not hit the bull’s eye every single time but it sure opens up a leeway that you may use to launch yourself into a newer and better version.

We recommend you also prop up your diet plan with an appropriate amount of Vitamin E, cod liver oil, and some herbal (read: Ayurvedic) medicines like aloe vera and calendula. Regular massages of herbal oils like coconut, jojoba, and olive oils would also help you to keep your skin replenished at all times.

Once you combine all the above variables, you sure can solve the equation of better skincare.

Face Yoga Is Well Worth a Shot!

Face Yoga is well worth a shot!

The best thing about our skin is that it has a limited but glorious ability to heal itself and to reverse the damages caused by age and other factors. The easiest way to maximize this advantage is to be both consistent and disciplined with a skincare regime.

Yoga has a commendable attribute of inversion. It can reverse the signs of aging and other blemishes by maintaining a flow of positive energy in the body. Besides increasing the flow of blood circulation, it also makes the natural gravity work for our skin instead of against it.

When you add the above two phenomena, you get a better version of yourself. A new version that is in perfect sync with what you are and what you can achieve. Your cardiac, digestive, and circulatory systems get in a close tandem and they take you further away from minor ailments and diseases.

Your body becomes more elastic and flexible, you have more energy per unit time and it tunes you into a higher self- and the benefits are just endless. When projected on the face, Yoga offers the same set of benefits for your face too. We suggest you call it a deal with Face Yoga today!