How to Stay Motivated for Your Workouts During Winter?

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Simone 13 Aug, 2019

Are you the one whose motivation level starts to drop as soon as the temperatures goes down? We understand that cold weather makes it difficult to get up and workout, especially if you have to go out for a walk or run. Many people let the winter blues get down their efforts and in return they gain some weather weight.

If You Are Looking for Some Simple Tips to Keep Those Extra Pounds at Bay and Stay on Track, These Tips Can Prove to Be Really Helpful:-

Set realistic goals:

Don’t get excited with the thought of enjoying the winters tucked up in a blanket with a book and a mug of hot coffee rather work towards setting goals which are realistic, tangible and achievable. Setting goals which are tangible will keep you motivated towards accomplishing them.

Whatever you plan and set, just ensure that it is measurable and not too far out to reach. Try to cut down the comfort foods that come with winters and focus on eating making more veggies and fruits a part of your daily routine. Evaluate your efforts each week and measure your progress which will boost you to achieve goals faster.

Build up your own heat:

Build up your own heat

We are so scared with the fear of feeling cold in winters that we tuck ourselves in blanket and cancel the routine of workout. In order to avoid this, it is suggested to build up some inner heat before you actually head out for a run or go towards your gym.

For this, you can simply start of by doing jumping jacks, burpees, squats or any other cardio exercise you like with some consistent reps to build the heat and face the cold weather.

Make the weather your advantage:

Just because it is cold out there doesn’t mean that you can’t actually go out. Rather than traditional workouts, plan out a workout which goes well with the weather changes like snowboarding, skiing or snowshoeing.

Prepare yourself something warm and healthy like a soup before you go out for workout which will be an added motivation to finish your workout soon and enjoy it while you are tucked in your blanket.

Choose the right workout clothes:

Choose the right workout clothes

You can ensure success of your efforts in winters only if you dress up properly. Just choose the weather appropriate clothes to keep the cold away and make the most of your efforts. Choose the clothes which are comfortable and capable enough of protecting you from the chili winds. In case you go to a gym for workout, make sure you layer up before AND after leaving the gym.

Health is not an option, its a must-have:

When the winters are around make yourself understand that health is not an option rather it a must-have and willingly or unwillingly you have to work for it. In order to make sure that your stay committed towards your goals just ensure that you pack your gym bags at night so that as soon as you get up you can go for your workouts.

Rather than doing to and fro take your office stuff along with you when you leave for gym so that you directly head up towards your workout.

Be smarter and don’t let your excuses pull you down:

Be smarter and don’t let your excuses pull you down

You know yourself better than anyone else. You are well aware about the things which keep you going and the same is applicable for the excuses as well. Be smart and know your excuses well in advance and be prepared to work around them. So chuck the excuses and choose the activities you love, and you’ll be excited to get up each day and get going!

These tips will surely keep up your spirits and motivate you for workouts even in winters. Don’t forget to follow them so that you can meet your goal even before you actually know it.