Does Good Skincare Eliminate the Need for Makeup?

“Wake up and Makeup!”

Several thousand models and celebrities rise from their beds thinking of this clichéd but justified adage every day, and their example is neatly followed by countless beautiful girls and women around the world. The act of makeup could be addictive and even though most mortal souls find it pivoted on the face, there is a lot that goes beyond it.

It touches their psychological and physiological identities and is thus a key factor to calculate how they’d get through a day. In the same light, it is vitally significant to make a subtle distinction about an overarching term called skincare. It relates to the act of maintaining your skin in the most appropriate way so it reciprocates the best of your personality.

Proper skincare is thus the superset of all your facial and physical appearance from where you could launch yourself into a masterpiece that others can’t help appreciating. We are investigating how deeply makeup affects your psyche and if it does have a positive impact on the way you care for your skin.

We would take into account the subtleties of skincare for makeup, and if proper skincare can eliminate the need for doing makeup altogether. Stay with us as we take you along!

The Importance of Doing Makeup

The importance of doing makeup

Makeup is a two-way street where you meet self-confidence and beauty on antiparallel routes. It may or may not enhance your beauty but sure as God’s got sandals, it does make you feel empowered. Doing makeup endows you with an isolated sphere where you tread all by yourself and let your abilities shine through like an all-pervasive ray of sunshine.

This confidence is infectious and you soon start extrapolating it to everyone around you. This win-win situation further initiates a chain reaction where you start delivering better work and results, and people around you are impressed. We know we are guilty of presenting an ideal state scenario and the situation may well be different for you.

However, what you may not deny is the fact that feeling beautiful (or at least agreeable) to others is often the first step to feeling better. This is one good reason why cosmetics are such a rage nowadays, and you’ll always find a hoard of lipstick, creams, eye shadows, nail polishes, perfumes, hair sprays et cetera all lined up even in superstores.

They are a shortcut to the heavenly road to the bliss that most of us might need every day. For the glitzy and shutterbugs types, makeup is more of a duty than luxury. It enhances their facial features to make them more prominent and receptive to a camera’s highlights. An act of makeup also takes out the imperfections in one’s facial skin to make it look flawless and radiant.

…but It’s Not All Pink and Rosy with Makeup Either!

…but it’s not all pink and rosy with makeup either!

Doing makeup doesn’t come without its set of flaws. It is a deliberate act that somehow works against the routine functioning of our bodies and might have shortcomings that outweigh the merits in the longer run. Committing to lesser makeup (in quality and quantity) helps the skin maintain its moisture, temperature, oil balance, and natural cleansing (or exfoliation) process.

Our skin is made of several pores that act like a faucet to slowly but relentlessly drain the impurities and toxic elements out. If these pores are clogged, the skin finds it difficult to get rid of the toxins and they are allowed to accumulate beneath until the makeup is taken off. Repeated day in and day out, this malpractice invites health and wellness issues.

Besides, you have a beautiful version of yourself. You should stick to it and save your makeup only for the most important occasions like get together, birthdays, marriages, anniversaries, and such like.

Why Is Skin Care Important for Makeup?

Why is skin care important for makeup?

People resort to makeup to conceal their imperfections and to highpoint the best facial features. The former may include wrinkles and dark circles while the latter may include eyebrows and eyes (or other elements of facial appearance). That’s just about alright but it must be noted that proper skincare negates the need for makeup altogether.

Sure, it may not highlight all the features as prominently as you might want it to but it would preserve your facial features intact in the long run. It would always give you a base for launching yourself to the best version of yourself for many years to come.

Cosmetics were invented only as a shortcut to help you look stunning when you are going out to attend some important business and they should be worn off once you are done with the tasks. It is so because they clog the pores that your skin naturally needs to flush out the toxins in real-time and that makes the trio of cleansing, toning, and moisturizing your skin just as important.

Taking proper skincare would make you aware of all that your skin is and what it needs to look at its supreme best. When you turn your focus from mundane makeup to deliberate skincare, you shall understand what changes you would need to make to your lifestyle and dietary habits.

The same may be used to advantage as you take on a better set of cleaning and caring methods to detoxify your skin from several layers below and endow you with a lasting power on the outcomes. Remember, a foundation-free skin only reflects what lies beneath.

Good Skincare Can Eliminate the Need for Makeup

Good skincare can eliminate the need for makeup

There is nothing that can beat the natural process of healing and skin is no exception. It is important to invest your time and patience into your physical beauty to help it last longer and with grace. Even if you are getting ready for some glitz and shutterbugs, a proper appearance would ensure that photos won’t “wash out” or dim your facial features and that you would always enjoy pronounced definitions.

Good skincare does eliminate the need for makeup and other topical and/or superfluous methods that one needs to look more acceptable.

We are not mentioning the word ‘beautiful’ now because being acceptable and great with yourself itself inculcates the heavenly notion of being beautiful, per se. It would be amazing to get closer to Mother Nature and take a few leaves out of Her book to look more amazing every single time. We are discussing it next.

How to Get Skin That Doesn’t Need Makeup?

There are a ton of smart DIY methods that you could use to go Mother Nature’s way and enjoy a soft and supple skin that radiates its positivity omnidirectionally. These include a lot of common fruits and oils that you can use to your advantage to get that even skin tone without foundation or cosmetics.

Here’s How You Can Get That Remarkable Skin That Doesn’t Need Makeup and Cosmetics to Show Beautiful You Are:

Here’s how you can get that remarkable skin that doesn’t need makeup and cosmetics to show beautiful you are:

Drink enough water:

The simplest way to get started is to drink water. A human body comprises 65% water and it further needs three to four liters of pure water to rejuvenate itself every day. Water also keeps your skin hydrated and full of essential oils to make it shinier and softer.

Use olive oil with or without sugar:

Don’t be alarmed even if you have oily skin. Olive oil contains vitamins A, D, E, K that form the building blocks of facial cells. Applying this oil as a cleanser or as a scrub (when mixed with sugar) can help you get rid of toxins and excess oil in just 15 minutes.

Oatmeal with or without honey:

Oatmeal isn’t always for breakfast. A powerhouse of antioxidants, it is a natural answer to anti-aging creams and lotions. You may mix it with raw honey and apply them as a hydrating mask and exfoliator. This shall bring your skin to life again.

Aloe vera:

Aloe vera

Aloe vera has a cooling, calming, soothing and hydrating effect on the skin. It contains vitamins A, B12, C, and E that act as anti-aging agents and clean out the dead skin cells. Aloe vera also has several antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties that can reverse the effect of toxins.

Eat seasonal fruits and drink milk:

While the two are different activities, their effects are complementary. Fruits are the easiest sources of antioxidants and fibers, whole milk contains a ton of calcium and potassium content. Consuming them and applying them topically is the easiest way to get an even skin tone without using any foundation or cosmetics

Stay away from alcohol:

This is the most important step to take if you want to stop wearing the foundation for better skin. Excessive use of alcohol and vinegar dehydrates the body and skin, being the largest organ in the body, bears the brunt of the loss.

These are some of the most advantageous DIY methods that you could use to get better skin at home. Pursuing them on a regular basis would significantly reduce, if not entirely take out, the need for relying on makeup to feel psychologically empowered. This should also answer your query for all the skincare products that you would need today to get started.

PS: We recommend you consult a dermatologist and a doctor to get closer to a more professional opinion for your skin issues, if they have persisted for quite some now.

Do You Need a Skincare Routine?

Do you need a skincare routine?

Yes, you do. Touch is one of the five senses that we are endowed with and skin is the longest organ in our body that gets this done. We all thus need to keep it in top shape so it can function properly and the more regularly we do it, the better it is.

Current scenarios related to personal and professional spaces result in a lot of stress and exposure to a polluted atmosphere only makes the matters worse. The more someone overlooks a skincare routine in these conditions, the more he is setting himself up for a befitting reply from his skin in the form of wrinkles, acne, dark circles, blackheads, and so on.

The key is to play smart and listen to what your skin is trying to tell you and to give it the care and respect that it so religiously deserves. Here’s how to do it:


It refers to washing your face many times a day with lemon and water.


A natural toner (like the one made of camphor and rose water) is an apt choice.


A topical application of coconut, olive, jojoba, or sesame oils can do wonders. This effortless, three-step process can offer you the requisite push you’d need to stay away from makeup and keep your radiant as ever.

The key is to be regular with it and to also understand why proper skincare (sans chemicals and cosmetics) is so important in the grand scheme of things. Once you appreciate it, there won’t ever be any looking back!

Get One Step Closer to the Skin That Doesn’t Need Any Makeup

Get one step closer to the skin that doesn’t need any makeup

The most important part of looking beautiful is to stay positive and to keep a firm belief in oneself. For the starters, you might want to stop unnecessarily wearing foundations to glam yourself up. This would help you accept yourself just as you are and would also shield yourself from the side effects of cosmetics.

We are not asserting that all cosmetics are evil and that makeup is always “injurious” to your health, but taking really good care of your skin would help you take the high road and reap more dividends per unit time. The first step to being a more Confident You is to believe in yourself that you are beautiful in your own might and that you can do without makeup.

Next up, you should have a body language and a glowing skin to back it all up. This may be accomplished by investing in your body over an appreciable length of time before you switch on the lights to see the results. We would be there to put our hands together for you!