Diet, Nutrition and Time: Three Factors That Decide Your Health

Diet, Nutrition and Time: Three Factors That Decide Your Health

Health is an optimum state of physical, mental, and social well-being. The need is healthful living, the only way we can hope to achieve this optimum state of well-being.

We must provide our bodies with all of the nutrients and food we need. At the same time, we must avoid, or at least minimize, the things that can compromise health-environmental stressors and our destructive behaviors.

There are, however, three major components of healthful living we can change. The components are Diet: what and how we eat; Nutrition: how we select what we eat; Time: how much we exercise, rest, and sleep.


What we eat is “Diet”. It is what is called a total of everything going to the digestive tract. Evidently, it is quite easy to get all the nutrients our bodies require.

The same are protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, fiber, and water. When you eat a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, raw nuts and seeds, whole grains, and legumes. They provide all the necessary nutrients in abundance.

If what we eat consists exclusively of these items in their whole, unrefined state, we will have ample supply of energy, meet our requirements and deter the stressors. Besides, we can avoid the excessively concentrated rich diet that is the main threat to health today.

Diet, Nutrition And Time: Three Factors That Decide Your Health

When meat and dairy products are sold with marketing efforts, people are misled about the "necessity".

The animal products in our diet are not really required! This “propogadalized”need for meat, fish, fowl, eggs, and dairy products speaks against the scientific research that shows that these high protein, high fat, no fiber foods are hazardous to health. If you eat animal products in significant quantities, you can't keep fat and protein intakes at optimum levels.

Excess protein is associated with osteoporosis aka loss of bone density and kidney disease. Excess fat from animal products causes cardiovascular disease and cancer. Low fiber intake causes constipation and colon cancer. It may seem like a joke now that despite such life-threatening health effects, these products are marketed and available everywhere to consume.



It is tempting to ignore nutrients for taste because it often seems beyond our control. But we can and must control if optimum health is to be obtained and maintained. Individually we have several options for dealing with low nutritional food.

We can get fresh fruits and vegetables every day and avoid sugary drinks. We can avoid packed food, mass-produced food, and stale food. To avoid the side effects associated with eating low nutritional food, you have to eat high nutritional food in ample quantities. But, don't overdo it.


The category time includes how much time you give to exercise, rest, and sleep. See, the body responds to the good eating habits by becoming stronger and more efficient. The health benefits of exercise include improved metabolism, increased muscle and bone strength, more efficient cardiovascular function, larger lung capacity, tension reduction, and improved sleep.

The most efficient way to enhance these benefits is through regular aerobic exercise. Aerobic exercise involves the large muscles of the body, particularly the legs. Exercise is most enjoyable when it is incorporated into recreation and becomes a regular part of your normal daily activities.

Diet, Nutrition And Time: Three Factors That Decide Your Health

The benefits of regular aerobic activity are becoming more widely understood and accepted; however, the benefits of sleep are often ignored. Sleep deprivation can suppress the body's immune system and has been associated with depression. Healing activity is accentuated during sleep. Two aspects of sleep must be considered: quality and quantity.

Many people just don't allow enough time for sleep. They regard it as a waste of time and use drugs such as caffeine to stimulate their exhausted bodies into action.

Some people allow plenty of time for sleep, but the quality of their sleep is poor. But, if you can connect with a fitness coach online anytime when you see it fit, that will be the icing on the cake. You can even learn more about fitness and best fitness habits online, on-the-go and on demand.

Regular exercise is often effective in helping people improve their ability to fall asleep. Physically fit people spend more of their sleeping time in deep sleep, rapid eye movement, or dreaming sleep, the more restorative stages of sleep. People who are getting enough sleep-wake spontaneously and feel refreshed. Begin your fitness journey now!