Tone Your Flabby Arms With These 9 Weight Exercises

9 Proven Arm Toning Exercises That You Could Do at Home

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Simone 08 Feb, 2019

It was the festive season and you have been binging through the week. You wake up on Monday with a spinning head and upset stomach and you think you have put on some more weight inside your obese body. You could now be in for a real swing if your eating habits have been less than advisable over the past few months, and your flabby arms and thighs would surely have a story to tell of themselves later!

If you’ve been spending hours at the gym trying to get super sculpted arms, but to no avail – you’re not alone. Chances are you are not doing workouts for toning your arms. We are offering you some great to-do exercises that will lead you to faster weight loss and toned forearms, biceps, and triceps.

This blog post will take you through how you can get through the challenge by working out every day and shed the flab on your arms faster.

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Arm Exercises at Home: 4 Rules You Should Follow!

rules to do arm toning weight exercises at home

The key to burning some flab off your arms in a proper way is to choose the right weight training or resistance band exercises. These two types of exercises would push your body to convert the stored fat into an energy source and use it as fuel to continue.

Tip: You should back it up with a proper diet, as advised by your nutritionist. You might want to go ahead with Mediterranean or Keto diets for a faster weight loss experience, but you should note that working out would require you to eat more nutritious food than usual.

Here are the rules that you can follow while working out to tone your forearms, biceps, and triceps.

Do not perform too many isolated movements

You may have the best intentions, but performing 100s of curls or triceps extensions, especially with light weights is not going to remedy bingo arms. You should rather focus on employing multiple joints in your arm routine via exercises like upright rows, pull-ups, triceps push-ups, and pull-ups.

These exercises are more effective than the ones that are meant for an isolated muscle group. Compound movements generally engage your shoulders and back muscles first and then bring your biceps and triceps into action as well.

Do not work out obsessively

Trying to jump into workouts that may not be suitable for your fitness level can be harmful to your progress. If you are unable to perform a movement with a full range of motion, chances are the workout becomes ineffective or you’re putting yourself at risk of a major injury.

Tip: To get the full range of motion, perform modifications of tougher exercises until you’re able to do the advanced ones. With pushups, you can do them on your knees or against a wall.

Lift heavy weights and push yourself

why lifting heavier weights is beneficial for weight loss?

If we haven’t already mentioned this one before, doing several reps of light weights will not help you achieve your desired results. If you want results, you should train with weights that engage and stimulate your muscles.

You’ll probably do fewer reps, but you’ll multiply the efficiency of your arm routine. As a rule of thumb, if you can perform twenty or above reps with a weight, drop it and get a heavier one. Aim to perform eight to 12 reps per movement and complete 3-5 sets of each.

Adopt a better posture

In most cases, people hunch their shoulders forward or arch them up by their ears, which can be detrimental to an arm routine. It’s important to keep your spine neutral, whether you’re doing a plank or a bicep curl. If this sounds relatable, check your form throughout your movement, making sure your chest and shoulders are open.

Roll the shoulders back during breaks to relax them. Another common mistake we’ve seen at gyms is poor back posture. Nothing is worse than doing an exercise in an improper posture because that is just how it can hurt you real bad. If you can’t control your back from arching, there’s a high chance your weight is too heavy and you need to bring it down a bit.

Toning Forearms and Biceps at Home Using Resistance Bands

tone flabby arms at home with resistance bands

If you are an experienced fitness trainer, your clients should know that a proper workout is incomplete without an exercise of the upper body. This includes the more muscular parts of the body like the biceps, triceps, and shoulders. These body parts are best served by resistance band exercises.

You should advise them to do it by standing on one foot in an oblique position in front of the other. They should now use the resistance band under one foot and hold the resistance band’s handle in each hand and raise their arms upwards. They may lower it after some time and then repeat the process. It would also be better to engage their core throughout the process.


It is important to adhere to the following rules with resistance bands:

1. When working with resistance bands, be sure never to release a band suddenly

2. Start slowly and give yourself some time to adjust to the elasticity of the band

3. Buy good-quality bands from reputed sellers

4. Stretch the band slowly

With regards to lifting dumbbells, please refer to the following rules:

1. Do not live weights that you are not sure of

2. Use dumbbells that have a good grip

3. Handle them carefully because you may get hurt if they fall down

4. Assume a good posture before you lift any dumbbell or start working with them.

5. Do not work in bursts or sudden movements, they can hurt you or anyone else

6. Place them back properly on the ground once you are done

Arm Exercises With Dumbbells

The best and quickest way to tone flabby arms is to lift some weights at home, and this is just where dumbbells fit the bill so nicely. These bar-shaped weights are easy to buy and keep, and can be used as and when they are needed.

Here are some of the best arm toning exercises that you can do using a pair of dumbbells to shape your flabby arms:

1. Write Your Name

2. Bicep curls

3. Triceps kickbacks

4. Curtsy Lunge with Biceps Curl

5. Rear Delta Fly

6. Floor Press

7. Overhead Triceps Extension

8. Triceps Dips

9. Extensions

We advise you to start with these weightlifting exercises after you have done some warmups and stretching exercises. This would help you acclimatize to the more demanding workouts ahead.

These arm toning exercises are meant for everyone and even if you are starting today, you may go for them. We would advise that you work under the guidance of a qualified fitness expert, preferably online, to get started with your training session right away. These virtual sessions can be availed for personalized guidance or group-based guidance.