3 at-Home Inner Thigh Exercises That Will Burn Your Legs!

3 at-Home Inner Thigh Exercises That Will Burn Your Legs!

Summer is almost here, which means more booty shorts, bikini thongs and super tight tights. While we aren’t strong proponents of the thigh-gap craze, we do like to keep our legs tight and sculpted – who doesn’t anyway? The following are some fool-proof exercises that sculpt and strengthen your inner thighs and work other parts of your legs, the booty and your core as a bonus!

Froggie Jumps

Any workout that involves jumping is sure to zap major calories and not to mention, tone our legs within a very short amount of time.Stand with your feet wide and your knees and toes aligned and angled out.

Reach down to the floor with your hands and squat down super low, bringing your butt as close as possible to the ground. Keep your chest lifted and your toes and knees still aligned. Now, explode upwards, rotating your body 90 degrees to the right with your feet together and arms overhead.

3 at-home inner thigh exercises that will burn your legs!

Come back to the ground going into a deep squat. Repeat rotating 90 degrees again so that you’re facing the back of the room. Complete a full rotation following the same method and keep repeating till you hit 60 seconds. Rest for 20 seconds and start rotating from the left side.

Inner Thigh Squats

This workout will show you that you don’t need much time to sculpt and tone your legs.

Stand in front of a countertop or sturdy chair, forearm distance away and hold on to it lightly using your right hand. Keep your feet hip-distance upward, toes pointed to the front. Position a small soft ball or a pillow of the same size between your inner thighs and keep your idle hand on your hip. Lift your heels and slowly bend your knees as if you’re sliding down a wall by an inch. Press your inner thighs, squeezing the ball.

Keep Your Core Tight throughout the Exercise.

Keep your core tight throughout the exercise.

Return to standing position with left arm overhead, squeeze the ball with your inner thighs, lower again by an inch and repeat. Perform 30 reps and then repeat on the other side.

Squeeze and Lift

This is a great workout for people with weak inner thighs, including those recovering from injury. It can be performed anywhere and it is easy to learn as it requires small isolated movements.

Place a small soft ball between your ankles (if you don’t have a ball, you can use a cushion or do the exercise without either) and lie on your right side. Support your head with your right hand. Use your other arm to stabilize your body by pressing the left hand to the mat, in front of your chest.

Support the ball by squeezing your inner thighs and lengthen your legs. Lift both legs without separating them about 6 inches off the ground and hold for 5 seconds. Bring your legs back to the mat and lift back up immediately. Repeat 10 times, rest for 10 seconds and repeat on the opposite side.

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