12+2 Smart Tips to Reduce Bad Cholesterol in 15 Days

12+2 Smart Tips to Reduce Bad Cholesterol in 15 Days

No, cholesterol is not the strongest risk factor contributing to heart ailments. It is low fitness.

Cholesterol is a name that always sends a shiver down our spines, no matter what context may be. This wax-like fatty substance is found in our blood and is responsible for creating hormones and Vitamin D in our body. The best thing is that all the cholesterol that we need is always synthesized by our body itself and we do not need any external energy source for it.

The issue arises when we consume a lot of foods that are fatty, oily, and have a high concentration of insoluble fats. This excess is not flushed out of our bodies and it accumulates in the inner lining of our blood vessels and the heart’s arteries. Left untreated, this often proves catastrophic.

We are thus explaining how you can reduce cholesterol without any medications to live a life more satisfied and fulfilling, minus all the health risks.

There Is Something Like Good Cholesterol and Bad Cholesterol Too!

There Is Something Like Good Cholesterol And Bad Cholesterol Too!

Just when you thought you could simply cut down on all fatty, junk, and oily foods and kiss the cola drinks goodbye to set your cholesterol right, here comes a shocker. You might actually need some of them and should you take them in moderate amounts, you might just be able to ride the tide easily.

These two types of cholesterol are:

  • Low-Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol or LDL (This one is BAD)

  • High-Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol or HDL (This one is GOOD)

The relationship between them is that the HDL flushes out the LDL from the arteries and blood cells to the liver, where the LDL is broken down into useable fragments. However, this process does not entirely eliminate the bad guys from our bodies.

LDL may still keep on increasing through certain medicines, steroids, and saturated fats (like those from improperly cooked fish and meat). HDL can only be increased by following a more balanced diet comprising olive oil, whole grains, fruits, flax and chia seeds, and by drinking a lot of water.

In this scenario, you can help the good guy win!

How to Reduce Cholesterol Without Medications?

How To Reduce Cholesterol Without Medications?

This makes perfect sense to understand that not all cholesterol is bad. We need to know and follow the steps that help us in reducing the bad cholesterol quickly. One of the elements in the discussion is the intake of water because much of the toxins are anyways flushed out of our bodies through this fluid only.

One can also rely on an appropriate consumption of water to ensure that one’s kidneys and livers are functioning properly and are keeping other body organs in top shape.

Here are some simple ways to reduce cholesterol without medications:

1. Cut down on Saturated and Trans Fats

2. Eat foods rich in Omega-3 Fatty Acids

3. Drink lots of water

4. Consume fibrous and citrus fruits

5. Increase your intake of soluble fiber

6. Cut down on smoking, drugs, and alcohol

12+2 Smart Tips To Reduce Bad Cholesterol In 15 Days

7. Say no to red meat

8. Cut down on salt and cola drinks

9. Go for protein-rich foods

10. Go for green tea instead of coffee and milk tea

11. Go for olive oil, sunflower oil, butter, and coconut oil

12. Eat more poly saturated fats (like walnuts, salmon and tuna fish, and soybean oil)

In addition to them, you can also go for a diet comprising herbs that lower cholesterol quickly. These include garlic, fenugreek seeds, coriander seeds, Amla, soy, and flaxseeds. Switching to raw or roasted fibrous foods would always be a bonus.

Please note that you would also need to make subtle changes to your current lifestyle. These may include trying Yoga or Zen and physical exercises. Something as simple jogging or biking could also make a world of difference over a period of time.

What Reduces Cholesterol Quickly?

What Reduces Cholesterol Quickly?

There are a ton of alternatives that you could use to live a healthier life. They might help you a great deal with reducing higher levels of bad cholesterol and would also help you get more out of your life, every single time.

Should you still be perplexed about your future course of action, you can talk to an Online Personal Nutritionist and ask for his or her qualified advice on the matter. These are qualified professionals and would also help you with a proper diet plan and would also advise you on how you can live a healthier life ahead.

Remember, it is your life to make or break, and you alone can make a difference to it.