A group of exercises targeted towards a particular goal is termed as workouts. You can create workout templates using the exercises from the planner. The workout section allows the professional to add the sets, reps, and more so that they can be delivered to the clients directly.



All options show you all the workouts which you have created in the software. Any combination of creating workouts can be used to create a plan which will be assigned to the clients.


The fav tab shows all the workouts which have been marked favorite using the heart icon shown with the created workouts. You can easily click on Fav tab to go to your most frequently used workouts to create plans.


A-Z filter helps you to sort the workouts database alphabetically. You can arrange the database from A to Z or Z to A as per your convenience to create plans.

Add Workouts

The add workout option lands you on to exercise tab so that you can select the exercises you want to use to create your workout. Once the exercises are selected the workout can be created and the values of set, reps and rest can be modified as per your requirements.

Create Plan

The last option is the create plan option which helps you to create the final plan which is to be assigned to the client. The plan is created by combining the workouts which have been created and can be set as per requirements on the selected days. The assigned workout for the particular client can be seen in the client detail section.

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