Exercise planner is a software tool to help all fitness professionals build workout plans using preloaded data for their clients. The exercise planner is divided into 3 main parts which include - Exercises, Workouts, & Plans. Once the 3 layer plan is developed for the client the same can be delivered to the selected clients through the client management section. The exercise section comes with all the exercises which are required to build healthy weight loss workout plans and programs. These exercises can be selected and customized based on your client's requirements.


Use the search option to look out for exercises you want to use to build a workout plan. The search option helps you to directly land on the exercises you want to use.


The exercise module has exercises both male and female exercise videos and a filter can be used to view the filtered data.

Grid/List View

The software supports both list and grid view. You can view the exercise database in the list or grid format based on your requirements.

Add Exercise

Though the software comes with a vast database but just in case you are not able to find any specific exercise you can upload your own exercises database in the software.


All options show both the database exercise list and your custom data which is uploaded in the software to help you make workouts.


The library tab shows all the exercises which are uploaded to the software’s database. You can use these exercises to create workouts and then plans for your clients.

My Data

All the exercises which you have uploaded in the software are shown separately in the ‘My Data’ tab. You can view your database using this shortcut and select exercises to create workouts/plans.


The fav tab shows all the exercises which have been marked favorite using the heart icon shown with the exercises. You can easily click on Fav tab to go to your most frequently used exercises to create workouts/plans.


A-Z filter helps you to sort the exercise database alphabetically. You can arrange the database from A to Z or Z to A as per your convenience to create workouts/plans.


There are checkboxes given with each exercise to help you select them and create workouts with the selected combination. Alternatively, you can also use Drag & Drop option to select exercises to create workouts.

i icon

The i icon is shown in the grid view and shows you the detail about the exercises which you are going to select to create a workout/plan.

Heart icon

The heat icon with each exercise helps you to mark the particular exercise as your favorite. The favorite exercises are sorted and shown separately in Fav tab for convenient usage.

Create Workouts

The create workout is the last action in the exercises tab. Once you have selected more than 2 exercises using checkboxes or the drag/drop option this option becomes active. You can simply click on create workout option to move to the next tab of creating a workout using the selected exercises.

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