Ideal Weight Calculator

Ideal Weight Calculator

As we all know body weight is one of the primary criteria to ascertain the status of a person’s health. The main purpose of Ideal Weight Calculator is to help you get the right weight of your clients based on parameters like height, gender and age. The Ideal Weight claultor tool aims to help you find out the health weight range and avoid the health risks associated with beight overweight, underwiehgt or obese. Follow the below listed easy steps to calculate the Ideal Weight using Mevolife Software:

1. Click on the “Calculate Ideal Weight” option to start using the tool and compute the ideal weight for your new and existing clients.

2. Input Gender and Height to get the results for the required calories.

3. You can either choose from Existing Client List or Add New Clients to record the result in the CRM.

4. Once you click on calculate the software will automatically compute the Daily Calories and make the entry in the list of records. You can edit, share or delete the entries as per your requirements.

Ideal Weight Calculator Faq

  • What do you mean by “Ideal Weight”?

    Ideal weight refers to the right weight range based on your gender and height. Also as per the ideal weight criterias one must lie in between the BMI range of 18.7-24.9 for healthy living.

  • Does Age play an important role in Ideal Weight computation?

    Yes, age does play a role in ideal weight computation but that is not very significant.

  • Why is it important to maintain Ideal Weight?

    IDea weight is important for an adult as any violation there are many diseases namely heart disease, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, gallstones, breathing problems, and certain cancers associated with unhealthy weight levels.

  • How to maintain ideal weight?

    The best way to maintain ideal weight is to keep your dietary actions in check and also include any form of exercise in your daily routine.

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