Calories Calculator

Calories Calculator

The main purpose of the calories calculator tool is to help you estimate the number of calories required by your clients to maintain current weight levels. Knowing the right number of calories required by your client helps you to set realistic health and fitness goals for them. Based on the results of the calories calculator you can easily create the right diet and workout plans. Follow the below listed easy steps to calculate the required Calories using Mevolife Software:

1. Click on the “Calculate Calories” option to start using the tool and compute daily calories for new and existing clients.

2. Input Gender, Height, Weight, Age and Activity Level to move to step 2 and get the results for the required calories.

3. You can either choose from Existing Client List or Add New Clients to record the result in the CRM.

4. Once you click on calculate the software will automatically compute the Daily Calories and make the entry in the list of records. You can edit, share or delete the entries as per your requirements.

Calories Calculator Faq

  • How many calories are there in 1 kg?

    Approximately there are 7700 calories in 1 kg meaning that if a person wants to lose 1 kg in a week they need to consume 1100 calories less than their daily calories calculated intake.

  • How many calories should I eat per day?

    Though the results for each individual are different based on their activity level, height, weight and age, the recommended daily calorie intake is 2,000 calories a day for women and 2,500 for men.

  • Can I lose weight with a calorie deficit?

    Yes, you can surely lose weight with a calorie deficit. A more healthier way is to combine exercise and the right diet plan to reach desired goals.

  • Why am I not able to lose weight even while dieting?

    If you are not losing weight with regular exercises and right calorie intake it is recommended to consult a doctor as it might be a result of hormonal imbalance or metabolism related underlying reasons.

  • Can I lose weight by walking daily?

    Yes, you can surely lose weight with daily walks as nearby a mile of walk is likely to burn around 100 calories and to even break it further, it takes 20 steps to burn 1 calorie.

  • What are maintenance calories?

    Maintenance calories are the bare minimum calories required by your body to perform daily life activities including breathing, digesting, muscle repair and more!

  • Calories Calculator

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