Basic Metabolic Rate Calculator

Basic Metabolic Rate

Basic Metabolic Rate or BMR refers to the amount of calories your body needs on a daily basis to accomplish basic life sustaining functions during a 24 hours period. In simple words, it is the amount of energy expended while at rest in a neutral temperature. Some of these life sustaining activities include breathing, blood circulation, muscle and nerve functions. Follow the below listed easy steps to calculate BMR using Mevolife Software:

1. Click on the “Calculate Basic Metabolic Rate” option to start computing BMR for existing or new clients.

2. Input Gender, Height, Weight and Age of your client to move to step 2 of BMR calculations.

3. You can either choose from Existing Client List or Add New Clients to record the result in the CRM.

4. Once you click on calculate the software will automatically compute the BMR and make the entry in the list of records. You can edit, share or delete the entries as per your requirements.

Basic Metabolic Rate

  • What is a good basal metabolic rate?

    Metabolic rate of a body is different for each individual based on height, weight, age and other factors. A good BMR level for an average male would be 7100 kJ/day whereas for a woman it would be 5900 kJ/day.

  • Will I lose weight with high BMR?

    Yes, you would lose weight if you have high BMR levels but it is not a sustainable method. The right way to lose weight is through daily exercise and a proper diet.

  • If I eat less will it help to lower my BMR levels?

    If you eat less you are likely to face poor metabolism levels which might lead to weight gain and the drop in your calories can be counterproductive to your goals.

  • How much should I eat if my BMR is 1200?

    If your BMR is 1200 calories, you should never eat less than 1200 calories in a day. 1200 calories is the bare minimum requirement of your body for daily functioning.

  • Does fasting improve your BMR levels?

    Yes, fasting is likely to improvise your BMR levels. Short-term fasts boost metabolism by up to 14%. Practicing intermittent fasting can prove useful to quickly boost up your metabolism levels.

  • What are the easiest ways to reset my metabolism levels?

    Some of the common ways you can use to reset your metabolism levels include - strength training, cardio workout, HIIT, increased protein intake, avoid alcohol and increase daily water consumption.

  • Basic Metabolic Rate

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