All the booking-related details of the selected client can be seen in one place under this tab. The section shows the sessions, plans, compliance, and other data to closely monitor your client’s progress.


All the sessions which have been booked, conducted, and completed with the selected client are shown in this section. Using this section, you can always stay updated on your upcoming sessions with the selected client so that you don’t miss any.


The plans which have been assigned to the client can be seen here. Other than this, the option can also be used to assign a new plan to the selected client using the planner. Along with the plan name it also shows the start date of the plan so that if there are any modifications the same can be done in a timely manner.


Once the plan is assigned to a client, the compliance or status option helps you monitor the progress of the client by evaluating what all has been completed and what all has been missed. The compliance section helps you closely monitor the progress of your client on the basis of the plan assigned.


The timeline section shows the entire flow of actions with respect to the selected client. The timeline of the client since the session booking followed by plan assignment and other actions all are shown with the date here.


Follow-ups can be done in 2 forms - bookings and test reports. If you want the client to submit any test report based on your session you can create a follow-up for the same with the date and time in this section. If you want to book a follow-up session with the client you can book the same using follow-up booking in this section.


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