All Clients

This section shows the details of all the clients who have been added by you to the software. Along with this, the marketplace client list will also be shown here. You can click on any client’s name to view the details about their status, timeline, and more once they are connected with you. The client can simply connect with you by accepting the invite sent by the software.


The add prompt helps you to add all your clients to the software. Use the form and fill in all the information to send an invite to your client to get connected with you.

First Name

Add the first name of your client.

Last Name

Add the last name of your client


Add the email address of your client on which you want the software to send an invite to connect with you.

Phone Number

Add your client’s phone number to sync the same on the software. It is not mandatory to add the phone number.


Select the gender of your client to build up basic client profile.

Date of Birth

Enter date of birth of your client in the software. It is not mandatory to fill this to send out the invite. The same can be updated later.


On the basis of date of birth entered by you the age of the client will be auto computed by the software.


The search option helps you to find out the specific client you are looking for from the list of all clients. You can search a client using name or client ID.

Client List

This list shows all the clients which are connected to you in one way or other. This section shows the list of all the clients which have been added by you in the software, have taken any services from the marketplace or connected with you using the connect option through the app.

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