Details tab shows the detailed view of the screening Par-Q form. You can update any details or ask the client to update the details on set intervals to get an understanding of their progress based on sessions conducted. This option is very helpful in keeping a close eye on the goals set for the selected client.


The vitals are shown here based on the selected ones in the data points. These vitals are included in the screening form and are asked from the client after he books a session with you. The vitals can be edited and updated by both professional or the client.


Out of all the vitals that are being selected and made a part of the screening questionnaire, a few of the most important ones can be marked as records which helps you to closely monitor the fluctuations in them. The records section highlights the vitals which need to be focussed based on them after the session is done with the client.


The add option allows you to add vitals data on behalf of your client. During or after the session you can update the vitals data based on your discussion with the client.


When you click on this option, you can view the graphical representation of the data which has been recorded in the vitals section for the selected client.


You can use the calendar to view the vitals and records data for the selected date range. The date can be edited and selected using the calendar to view & analyze specific data and growth of the client.

List/Grid View

There are 2 views available in this section. You can view the collected data in your preferred format choosing from a list or grid view.

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