Once you have created your plans, simply set up your schedule to start delivering your services. In the schedule section, you are required to enable the slots to display the same to your clients. All the slots are created on the basis of inputs in the work slot section and you simply have to mark them to enable your schedule for delivery.


Using this option on the platform, you can mark your weekly offs or other days off. Once a day is marked as a holiday, on that specific date, all your slots will be shown as unavailable to your clients. Holidays are to relax and we totally respect that!

Work Slots

The work slots section will help you define your working hours for your online business. In the work slots section, you can add up to a maximum of 3 slots for delivering your sessions online. In the work slot section, you can add morning, afternoon, and evening slots for your services.

Select slots to activate

This section shows all the slots which have been created based on your inputs of work timing, session timing, and break timing in the work slots section. Simply click on the slot to activate and save it to display the same in the app for your clients.

Make it recurring

The recurring option can be used to mark repeated schedules for particular dates and days. The option helps you simplify the process of enabling the work schedules for your online business.

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