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The MevoLife platform allows you to create a team including professionals/co-coaches and support team members/administrators.

How to Add Additional Coaches:

  • Within the “Team” module, click on the “Coaches” tab.
  • Add the details of the coach including First Name, Last Name, Email, Category, Sub-Category, and Location.
  • Click the “Done” button and your coach will receive an invite to your profile via email.
  • Once the invited coach accepts the invite and creates the account on MevoLife, you will be able to set their permissions and assignments.

How to Add a Support Team Member:

Examples: Account Executive, Administrator, Bookkeeper, Other Non-Coaches

  • Within the “Team” module, click on the “Support” tab.
  • Click the “Add Member” button.
  • Input the details of the support team member and click “Submit.” Your new admin will receive an invite to your profile via email.
  • Once the team member accepts the invite, he or she can be assigned a role, which controls the actions available to them.

Add a New Support Team Role:

You can add multiple roles (permission sets) for support team members to allow access to specific features on the platform.

Follow the steps below to create a new role on the platform:

  • Give the role a name that is specific to the permissions you’ll attach to it.
  • Select existing permissions or create new permissions for this role.
  • If you opt for existing permission sets, choose the role permissions you want to assign to this role.
  • If you create new permissions, you have 3 levels of access:

  • None - Hides the feature completely.
  • View - Allows the user to see the feature and any stored data within it, but not make any edits or change settings.
  • Admin - The user can change data and settings.

  • Once you click “Save,” the new role will be added as an option to assign to anyone within your admin team.


Manage Locations, Booking, Assign Plans, and Settings permission from this section to keep your team members' permissions in place.

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